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Angelure Town in its current state (ripped by NovaTheMighty)

Angelure Town is a location that is currently not available in Pokémon Uranium. Prior to Beta 4.0, this was planned to be the 8th Gym town. However, its role as the 8th gym town has since been replaced by that of Tsukinami Village and it has been changed to a planned post-game town.

Angelure Town is a maritime town with a large bay filled with boats. It's known for its fishing contest and being a not-so-secret haven for pirates.

Places of Interest

  • Fishing Contest - Compete to catch the best Water-type Pokémon within the time limit.


  • The Town's music can be found on the Pokepod; and it's original version is Hoenn's Slateport City theme.

In other languages

Language Name
England Flag.png English fillertextAngelure Townfillertext
Spain Flag.png Spanish fillertextPueblo Celesebofillertext

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