Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Unknown
Hair color White
Hometown Moki Town
Region Tandor

Kellyn (Nephew)

Main Character (Grand-nibling)

Auntie is Kellyn's aunt and the player's great-aunt.

In the game


After the disappearance of Lucille in the accident at Nuclear Plant Epsilon when the player was three years old, Kellyn sent them to live with her in Moki Town.

At the start of the game, Auntie's health is beginning to wane and she is no longer able to care for the player. Because of this, the player takes a job working for Ernest Bamb'o as a research assistant.

Before the player leaves home, Auntie gives them the Running Shoes and bids them farewell. If the player visits her again immediately after receiving their Starter Pokémon, she will comment on how cute their starter is and ask them to come home occasionally to visit her.

If the player returns during their journey and speaks with Auntie, she will heal their Pokémon to full health and comment on things she is doing with her spare time.

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