Speak to Felicity (with her blood red accent) at the lobby desk to participate in the daily lottery to win TMs and other rare items. It appears neither hotel section or booking a room are available.

Digits that match Prize
Last digit Bag Ultra Ball Sprite
Last two digits Bag PP Up Sprite
Last three digits Bag Exp. Share Sprite
Last four digits Bag Big Root Sprite
All five digits Bag Master Ball Sprite
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Prior to 1.02, the lottery can only be used once. Click here for more info on known bugs.


To the right of the lobby lies the only Casino in West Tandor. When you first arrive, security will stop you, only to give you a free Coin Case before letting you pass. You can play the usual Game Corner games like Roulette and Voltorb Flip to win coins to exchange for rare prizes and Pokémon. 

You can purchase more coins at one of the counters.

Beachside Casino
Bag 50 Coins Sprite 50 Coins

Bag 500 Coins Sprite 500 Coins

Item Prizes
Bag Smoke Ball Sprite Smoke Ball
800Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Bag Miracle Seed Sprite Miracle Seed
1000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Bag Charcoal Sprite Charcoal
1000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Bag Mystic Water Sprite Mystic Water
1000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Bag Yellow Flute Sprite Yellow Flute
1600Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Pokémon Prizes
Icon035 Owten
180Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Icon008 Kinetmunk
500Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Icon042 Brailip
2800Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Icon094 Barand
5500Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Icon112 Tracton
9999Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Betanotice Gameplay Notice

This price vendor is only available after 1.03, and TM07 is only available after 1.03.

Battle Prizes
Bag Dramsamaite Sprite Dramsamaite
9000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Bag Unidentified Fallen Object Sprite Unidentified Fallen Object
9000Bag 500 Coins Sprite

Bag TM07 (Hail) Sprite TM07 (Hail)
3000Bag 500 Coins Sprite


To the left is the restaurant, where you can buy some Coconut Milk and relax with the other patrons. In the top right corner is the Pokémon Groomer.

Beachside Restaurant
Bag Coconut Milk Sprite Coconut Milk
Pokémon Groomer
Bag Lovely Grooming Sprite Lovely Grooming
Bag Stat Boost Grooming Sprite Stat Boost Grooming
PokémonDollar 5000
Bag Rare Grooming Sprite Rare Grooming