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If you encounter a bug and it is not on here, you are welcome to add it. If at all possible, include a screenshot demonstrating where the bug took place.

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Pokémon Uranium Bugs

Game Breaking Bugs

Triggering these bugs can cause players to get stuck, preventing progress. Many of these are avoidable, and the way to avoid it is marked in bold. If you encounter one of these bugs, do not save your game and reload an old save file instead.

None documented as of 1.2.5

Crashing Bugs

Some of the more obvious bugs, these are often very simple errors but cause the game to freeze and an error message to be displayed. The player will have to reload their last save. These bugs are usually avoidable.

  • Locking your computer (with Windows + L) will make the game crash Screenshot
  • In various scenarios, saving and closing out the game in the midst of an event, or after getting spotted by an enemy trainer, can cause the game to crash upon loading up again. (hard to replicate, need more specific examples)
  • Attempting to level up a lv 100 Pokemon with Bealbeach City's Rare Grooming will crash the game.

Save File Related

  • There is an issue with 4.0 being backwards compatible with save files from v3.1 and before. The game crashes on attempting to load the save file. To avoid this, rename your old save file (found in C:\User\My Saved Games\Pokemon Uranium\Uranium.rxdata) to anything else, or otherwise move or delete it.

Battle Related

Issues with the game's battle system.

  • Spite does not function properly. While PP is depleated on the battle screen Screenshot it is completely unaffected on the Pokemon summary screen. Screenshot. What this means is that any PP depleted from an opponent's Pokemon via the move is restored when they're switched out, and any PP depleated from the player's Pokemon is restored by switching, fleeing, or winning the battle. Only PP depleated from move use actually counts.
    • Testing Grudge revealed the exact same issues as Spite.
  • Sleep Talk can use the move Rest to fully heal.
  • Sticky Terrain actually summons Electric Terrain according to both the move's message: Screenshot as well as when attempting moves not possible under Electric Terrain like Rest: Screenshot
  • Aftermath triggers whenever a contact-based move is used regardless of whether the Pokemon faints: Screenshot
  • The AI has difficulty with certain moves and will fail to attack. This has been known to happen with Gligar and Brailip. (Likely related to Sand Attack and Yawn vs Keen Eye and Insomnia/Vital Spirit but only against trainers. Requires testing)
  • Some issues with probability of OHKO moves like Sheer Cold being used against players by opposing trainers. (Many stories of impossibly accurate and consistent OHKO moves, no clear evidence, one of the Championship trainers is cited as a culprit. Testing required)
  • Torment will lock the target in an endless loop if the target uses a two-turn attack like Dig. If there is no way to damage the opponent, the game must be reset. (Confirmed and present in v 1.2.5.)
  • Using any type of Poké Ball after using a two-turn attack like Fly in a double battle locks the user of Fly in the semi-invulnerable state and unable to act. (Only works during Double Battles where the player has control of both Pokemon)
  • Magic Guard does not protect wielder from Thunderstorm, Fallout, or burn damage:
  • During a Double Battle, you cannot select a partner Pokemon as an attack target if there is no opposing Pokemon occupying the right side.
  • If you activate Mega Evolution but back out from the attack menu, button will stay highlighted when you go back into it but you will not Mega Evolve when picking a move. You have to press the Mega Evolution button EVERY time you enter the attack menu if you wish to Mega Evolve, regardless of whether the button is highlighted or not.
  • Bad Dreams displays the opponent's ability when inflicting damage: Screenshot
  • If a Pokémon mega evolves and gains a weather changing ability such as Drought it will not activate in areas with overworld weather effects already in place even thought moves like Sunny Day are able to change the weather in those same areas.
  • When a Pokémon with the ability Illusion is defeated, the game will display "[Pokémon it was disguised as] fainted!" (Confirmed. Even though the illusion "wore off" it still says the disguised Pokemon's name (applies to opposing and player Pokemon, and regardless of whether it was a OHKO or the illusion "wore off" the previous turn))
  • Nuclear Horde battles leading to, and inside of, Nuclear Plant Zeta allow the player to throw balls at any time, automatically targeting the Pokemon on the left. If the player captures a Pokemon before an opponent switches/faints, both player's Pokemon's health bars will disappear (Screenshot) and a copy (with the same gender, level, and even Nature) of the Pokemon on the right will be sent out even if a battle is not meant to have any Pokemon like it in reserve. This duplicate Pokemon will replace one of the other Pokemon that is meant to be there (except in Horde Double Battles where there are normally 6 opposing Pokemon. In which case, the Pokemon that ends up duplicating the one on the right acts like its own Pokemon, causing the player to encounter a total of 7).
    • It's also possible for both player's health bars to disappear when catching a Pokemon while there is still one in reserve after causing one opposing Pokemon to faint. However, this will not cause the above duplication glitch involving the Pokemon on the right to occur, and may even cause the Pokemon in reserve to not be sent out at all if it is switched out first. Regardless, the player's Pokemon's names and health bars will disappear and the player will be stuck if they fail to capture the final Pokemon remaining at the end of the battle: Screenshot (However, if Theo is fighting with the player, the same glitches occur, but the battle ends normally.)
    • While player Pokemon's names and health bars will reappear upon switching party members out, this will not prevent the player from being trapped in the battle screen if they KO the final Pokemon rather than capturing it.
    • Capturing multiple Pokemon in this Horde encounter while the player has empty slots in their party will have the first Pokemon damaged, but sometimes subsequent Pokemon will be fully healed. It is recommended that players attempting to capture multiple Pokemon in Horde encounters save before doing so to prevent losing progress.
    • Capturing a clone Pokemon will cause it to have the same ball capture sprite as the original if you catch both. i.e. if you capture a clone Pokemon with a Nuclear Ball, but capture the original with an Ultra Ball, both will have the Ultra Ball sprite.
  • Arena Trap and Shadow Tag do not let players escape even after the Pokemon affected by the ability has fainted.
  • Pokemon in semi-invulnerable states (Currently only confirmed to occur with Dig) will not reappear after the second half of the move fails due to disobedience to signify that the Pokemon is vulnerable until an animation affects it such as being attacked, or executing an attack itself.
  • Conversely, Pokemon in semi-invulnerable states (Currently only confirmed to occur with Dig) will reappear after the first half of the move is executed if affected by an animation (currently only confirmed with Leftovers, may also apply to Burn, Poison, Berries, etc.)

Graphical Errors

Includes: sprite errors, map mistakes (eg. walking on water), display bugs, etc. Screenshots are great here!

  • On the border of Route 5 leading to Route 12, any part of your sprite that crosses the other side of the route border will not be displayed. Screenshot This only happens when approaching from Route 5 without having crossed over to Route 12. If you approach from Route 12, you can induce the effect by simply opening up the Pokepod and then leaving the menus. This effect can be replicated in multiple locations such as:
  • This glitch (with regards to the sprite getting cut off) may relate to the ones above: Upon defeating the two Nuclear Corsolas on Route 7, when the NPC starts following you, part of their sprite will get cut off at the border between the route and Bealbeach City. This will happen only after entering a battle before reaching that border, or when crossing said border into the city. There are other minor quirks associated with the NPC too: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, and Screenshot 3
  • Light paths inside of the Vinoville Town Gym have various glitches associated with them:
    • The second one still functions as if you did not solve the puzzle and flip the two switches at the end: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
    • Both of the light paths at the end will behave like the above path if the player falls/leaves: Screenshot
    • Both of the light paths at the end have certain tiles that allow players to walk off of them without falling off if the player does not fall/leave first. Most noteworthy are the ones leading further away from the center, as some allow the player to go far (further than the screenshot suggests) out of bounds: Screenshot
  • There are two Surf tiles, one next to the other, near Swimmer Claudio on Route 12 that the player cannot move through despite nothing being there: Screenshot
  • When entering Comet Cave, the cave may become darker than normal. Screenshot of the front entrance of Comet Cave: Screenshot (Confirmed to still occur in v1.2.5. Only happens when entering from Route 5. Flash only widens the visual range, does not dispel the darkness.)
  • The nurse doesn't turn when speaking from below (Tandor Luxury Cruise). Screenshot
  • In at least 11 places, exiting the a location and/or Flying/Teleporting to it causes multiple/all visible non-blue doors to be open and close together (Seen in 1.1.0 - 1.2.5) These include the following:
  • Interacting with the switch in Nuclear Plant Zeta's East Building from the right will cause the switch to disappear until "Yes" or "No" is selected: Screenshot
  • Interacting with the switch in Zeta's West Building from the left will make the switch appear flipped before actually turning it on: Screenshot and interacting with it from the right also causes it to disappear until an option is selected: Screenshot
  • Going to Nuclear Plant Zeta (Center Outside) and flying anywhere will cause the green "haze" to stay. Fixed when you Teleport/enter a building and leave: Screenshot
  • Sprites for Pokémon do not display on renaming screens when using the Name Rater in Nowtoch City: Screenshot
  • If a Pokémon levels up and evolves after defeating certain trainers, parts of the overworld will be visible at the top and bottom of the screen where the black bars usually are. This appears to occur only when triggered after every battle against Theo (not counting Double Battles with wild Pokemon or Nuclear Hordes, players must also be speaking to Theo from below on the Tandor Luxury Cruise to view a part of the room), every Gym leader, and every Championship Site battle (with the exception of Sr. Goldkorn, Angelica, and CURIE).
  • The TV on the ground floor of the Ranger HQ in Bealbeach City appears to be placed as a foreground element/a tile lower than it should be: Screenshot Same goes for the one in the Department Store: Screenshot
  • The player doesn't face the sailor that speaks to them in Silverport after beating the Pirate: Screenshot. Also, if the player refuses to ride the boat with the sailor immediately, they will spawn on top of the sailor when the gameplay resumes (does not restrict movement or soft lock the game) Screenshot
  • In Cali's Water-type Gym in Bealbeach City, there is a room with a blonde-haired girl in the bottom right. If you move west as you enter the room, you can walk through the wall & over the water. Screenshot
  • The old lady trainer on Route 1 can be talked to from the ledge below: Screenshot
  • The Trees on Route 16 will let you clip into them slightly from below. The include every one between here: Screenshot and here: Screenshot
  • Bits of other rooms can be seen in the black void of certain locations:
  • You can clip into one of the bridges on Victory Road: Screenshot
    • From there, going to the right will put the player on land where they can talk to/battle the trainer: Screenshot
    • The player can only move one tile to the left but Surfing is possible so one can't get permanantly stuck: Screenshot
  • Using an Escape Rope or Dig in the 1st cave after entering it from the bridge will cause the sky to turn black and the bridge to become a foreground element that obstructs the player's view of their character and other NPCs.
    • And because it becomes a foreground element it no longer has collision, allowing the player to freely walk above the trees/into the void: Screenshot
  • The timer that appears in Nuclear Plant Zeta's North section will stay on the screen if you save while inside: Screenshot
    • Also, contrary to what the game says about being a "Point of no Return" you're able to leave the second you arrive. Whereupon, when you re-enter, the timer is gone altogether: Screenshot
  • It turns out TMs/HMs are glitched beyond just Rock Smash and Coral Break. If this is any indication, all Surfing on land glitch spots are still readily accessible by simply manually selecting to Surf/use the Surfboard from the menus at the spots where players were allowed to Surf Screenshot or use the Surfboard Screenshot previously.
  • An error triggers when prompted to choose a Pokemon to EV train in the Ninja tents, exiting the menu without choosing, then talking to the ninja again. (Occurs with all EV trainers, but only prior to the Ninja Reunion Sidequest) Screenshot
  • Kellyn passes the player rather than talking to them if you go down from the far right after beating the Bealbeach City Gym: Screenshot
  • Professor Bamb'o will use Double Team for a split second if he is above or below you when talking to Kellyn in the Ranger HQ. Screenshot
  • Mega Evolved Nuclear Pokemon (Screenshot) may not appear properly in the party screen: Screenshot (Unclear if this applies to all Mega Evolved Nuclear Pokemon, just Arbok, only in certain situations, etc. Further testing may be required)
  • Upper archway of the door leading out of the rooms prior to entering the Hazard Zone act as a background element when walking out: Screenshot
  • Various cave/underwater objects behave improperly:
  • There is no collision on one of the rocks on the Eastern end of Victory Road's river, allowing layers to go out of bounds: Screenshot

Audio Errors

Missing music, Pokemon using the wrong cries, sound playing for too long and more belong here.

  • Ambient audio like flowing water when nearing ponds/rivers/waterfalls takes much longer to stop when away from their source than start when approaching them.
  • The ambient sounds for Route 10 can not only persist for a time after leaving a route but become stuck to a save file. When attempting to adjust Sound Effect audio in the Options menu, the sounds from route 10 will play. Even closing the game and re-loading the file will still have the ambient audio play anytime the Sound Effect audio is adjusted. It will also replace existing ambient audio like flowing water when Sound Effect audio is adjusted, though you can leave the area with the water and return to replace the Route 10 audio. The Ocean/Beach ambient sounds seem to stop it from persisting.
  • Certain overworld Pokémon have different cries from what they should have when they are interacted with:
    • The Owten in Bealbeach City park, in a home in Rochfale Town, and the one in Larkspur's Lab in Silverport Town all use Cubbug's cry.
    • The first preset Nuclear encounter on Route 11 also has an Owten that plays Cubbug's cry (only as part of the scripted event, not when interacted with). The two Nuclear Pokemon also don't play their cries during the scene at all.
    • The bugs you use the spray on in Anthell do not use the cries of Firoke, Sponaree, or Harylect. One of the cries used appears to be Fortog and another is Ekans.
    • The Musharna in Tsukinami Village has no cry
    • The Nuclear Arbok Kellyn is facing on Nuclear Plant Omicron has Drilgann's cry (multiple pokemon are substituted since they lack overworld sprites, but Drilgann isn't even a Nuclear-type.)
    • The Nuclear Pokemon fighting with a Ranger in the top-left corner of Nuclear Plant Omicron has Tanscure's sprite and cry despite being a Trawpint, and Trawpint having a nuclear overworld sprite used in both other Nuclear Plants.
    • The Nuclear Horde of Xenomites and Xenogen in the Easter part of Nuclear Plant Zeta use Haagross' cry in the overworld.
    • The Hazma in Moki Town is clearly about to be chest-bursted because it's using Xenogen's cry.
  • Characters' footstep noises are heard when moving while diving underwater.
  • A comment below has been confirmed, manually selecting Rock Smash in Burole Town Gym prevents the gem that's needed to progress from dropping. Furthermore, the smashing sound effect doesn't play. Testing also confirmed that the same applies for the move Coral Break (in terms of both drops/encounters and lack of audio).
  • Pokemon cries do not play when their Pokedex information is displayed upon catching them for the first time.
  • The alert sound that accompanies an exlamation mark in a speech bubble above characters may sometimes be heard popping up in random points in the game. It's still not clear when/how these events occur or even if they're particularly consistent; further testing required.
    • This occured once while walking up the path leading to the Terlard encounter in Comet Cave without being stopped by Theo or anything else.
    • In another instance, when being quick enough, the speech bubble for the sound physically appeared in the game: Screenshot (More detailed info: Post game, in a file where the intro had been skipped, no event triggers in Moki Town skipped)

GTS, Wonder Trade & Virtual Trainer

Errors involving the game's online features.

  • Game crashing error when interacting with GTS attendants without internet connection.
  • Virtual Trainer messages meant to be displayed at the start of a battle don't trigger.

Game Client Issues

Errors with getting the game to run properly on people's computers.

  • Clicking on the game program icon sometimes doesn't launch the game. (Not sure, but it might have to do with RMXP runtime packages.)


  • The guy in the Elevator of the Bealbeach Department Store will trigger the floor navigation menu immediately after arriving on a given floor the first time you interact with him. All subsiquent interractions don't do this unless you leave the store and come back. Makes it easy to accidentally go back to the 1st floor again since it's the default option.
  • Incoming PokéPod calls can interrupt certain actions, such as using an HM, or entering a cave or building. (May have been fixed after the update for calling during battle animations, clarification needed.)
  • An apostrophe fails to appear in Theo's dialogue after beating him in the Snowbank Town Gym fight: Screenshot
  • Losing a battle with a training Ninja in Tsukinami Village will cause the text they say after battles to trigger in Pokemon Centers: Screenshot


Bugs that don't fit into any other category.

  • Resetting the game by pressing F12 may sometimes cause the game to not start back up again.
  • Trading a Pokemon that knows Strength and beating the 6th gym without completing the event on Route 11 will cause Kellyn to not spawn after fighting the preset battles there, preventing players from ever acquiring HM 04.
  • During the Garlikid Sidequest, if the player goes back through the crack in the wall after Garlikid pries the cell bars apart, the crack leading back to the cell no longer functions like a conventional door. You have to interact with the crack in order to be allowed back through.
  • Certain Event Triggers can be bypassed. While none of them are game-breaking, most would not occur in most playthroughs, and only one can result in a soft-lock, their existence should be made known: List of Event Triggers