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If you encounter a bug and it is not on here, you are welcome to add it. If at all possible, include a screenshot demonstrating where the bug took place.

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The information here has accumulated since beta and does not accurately represent the current state of the game. Please check the Patch Notes

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Pokémon Uranium Bugs

Game Breaking Bugs

Triggering these bugs can cause players to get stuck, preventing progress. Many of these are avoidable, and the way to avoid it is marked in bold. If you encounter one of these bugs, do not save your game and reload an old save file instead.

  • Interrupting the 5 trials event at the Snowbank Town Gym, by either losing a battle or leaving, causes the event to become broken, preventing the player from progressing. To avoid this, make sure to save before talking to Theo to start the event. You can still heal and change your party after the 5 trials, before facing the Gym Leader.
  • In the Nuclear Plant Epsilon side quest, losing to the boss Trawpint at the end of the quest causes the player to become stuck on the dock on Route 7, unable to move. Make sure to capture or defeat Trawpint.
  • Nuclear Horde battles inside of, and leading to, Nuclear Plant Zeta allow the player to throw balls at any time, automatically targeting the Pokemon on the left. If at any time the player captures a Pokemon before an opponent switches out or faints, both player's Pokemon's health bars will disappear and a copy of the Pokemon on the right will be sent out with the same gender, level, and even Nature even if a battle is not meant to have any Pokemon like it in reserve. This duplicate Pokemon will replace one of the other Pokemon that is meant to be there, except in Horde Double Battles where there are normally 6 opposing Pokemon, in which case the Pokemon that ends up duplicating the one on the right acts like its own Pokemon causing the player to encounter a total of 7. In addition, it is possible for the both player's health bars to disappear when catching a Pokemon while there is still one in reserve after causing one opposing Pokemon to faint. However, this will not cause the above duplication glitch involving the Pokemon on the right to occur, and may even cause the Pokemon in reserve to not be sent out at all if it is switched out first. Regardless of which of the above scenarios occur, the player's Pokemon's names and health bars will disappear and the player will be stuck if they fail to capture the final Pokemon remaining at the end of the battle. (However, if Theo is fighting with the player, the same glitches occur, but the battle ends normally.) Although player Pokemon's names and health bars will reappear upon switching party members out, this will not prevent the player from being trapped in the battle screen if they KO the final Pokemon rather than capturing it. Capturing multiple Pokemon in this Horde encounter while the player has empty slots in their party will have the first Pokemon damaged, but sometimes subsequent Pokemon will be fully healed. It is recommended that players attempting to capture multiple Pokemon in Horde encounters save before doing so to prevent losing progress.

Crashing Bugs

Some of the more obvious bugs, these are often very simple errors but cause the game to freeze and an error message to be displayed. The player will have to reload their last save. These bugs are usually avoidable.

  • Locking your computer (with Windows + L) will make the game crash http://imgur.com/a/TRW8g
  • Crashes when nicknaming a Pokémon hatched from an egg. Don't nickname Pokémon when they hatch -- you can change their names at the Name Rater in Nowtoch City.
  • Sometimes when fishing, an error message will pop up once the Pokémon is caught, causing the game to crash.
  • When starting a new game going down to the lake in Moki Town will cause the game to crash.
  • If you have started a new game, after the Pokémon catching tutorial, if you try to enter the grass leading to Route 1, the game might crash.
  • In various scenarios, saving and closing out the game in the midst of an event, or after getting spotted by an enemy trainer, can cause the game to crash upon loading up again. (hard to replicate, need more specific examples)
  • After the cutscene in the hall of fame the game might crash and reset. To fix this bug, turn off performance mode. If this does not solve the problem, please contact the discord team.

Save File Related

  • There is an issue with 4.0 being backwards compatible with save files from v3.1 and before. The game crashes on attempting to load the save file. To avoid this, rename your old save file (found in C:\User\My Saved Games\Pokemon Uranium\Uranium.rxdata) to anything else, or otherwise move or delete it.

Battle Related

Issues with the game's battle system.

  • Aftermath triggers independently if the user faints or not
  • The AI has difficulty with certain moves and will fail to attack. This has been known to happen with Gligar and Brailip.
  • Light Screen causes the enemy trainer to stop attacking.
  • Some issues with probability of moves and abilities (eg. OHKO moves like Sheer Cold and contact-based abilities like Flame Body.
  • It is possible for people to call during the wild Pokémon encounter animation. This will delay the animation until the call ends.
  • Torment will lock the target in an endless loop if it uses a two-turn attack like Dig. If there is no way to damage the opponent, the game must be reset.
  • Using a Poké Ball after using Fly in a double battle traps the user of Fly in the semi-invulnerable state.
  • If a Pokémon holding a Macho Brace is used in battle, the battle will not end/continue after a Pokémon is defeated, forcing the player to reset or run away.
  • Magic Guard does not protect wielder from thunderstorm damage.
  • If you are teamed up in a Double Battle, and you KO both of your opponent's Pokémon and your teammate's Pokémon in one turn (via Earthquake or similar), there is a one turn delay where the opponent will not send out Pokémon.
  • During a Double Battle, you cannot select a partner Pokemon as an attack target if there is no opposing Pokemon occupying the right side.
  • When you are battling Fisherman Brendon for the 1st rematch, you may not be able to use different moves.
  • If you activate Mega Evolution but use a Potion instead of attacking, your Pokémon does NOT mega evolve and Mega Evolution becomes unusable for the remainder of the battle. This only occurs if you use a Potion and attempt to Mega Evolve during the same turn.
  • Bad Dreams' effect once activated will appear to be occurring due to the opponent's ability.
  • Elementalist applies the +50% damage modifier to all Fire- and Water-type moves used by all Pokémon. There does not need to be a Pokémon with the ability in battle or in a trainer's party, and the player does not even need to have encountered a Pokémon with the ability.
  • If a Pokémon mega evolves and gains a weather changing ability such as Drought it will not activate in areas with overworld weather effects already in place.
  • The Big Pecks ability does not work.
  • As long the Moody ability remains active while behind a Substitute, the message "But it failed!" will trigger 7 times at the end of each turn and will then increase a random stat by two stages like normal, but will not decrease another stat by any amount.
  • Nature Power always fails, regardless of the environment it is used in.
  • Mat Block functions as a permanent protection against Special and Physical moves instead of lasting only the duration of the turn. For as long as the user of Mat Block stays in battle, it can proceed on using other moves while being unaffected by special and physical moves.
  • When a Pokémon with the ability Illusion is defeated, the game will display "[Pokémon it was disguised as] fainted!"

Graphical errors

Includes: sprite errors, map mistakes (eg. walking on water), display bugs, etc. Screenshots are great here!

  • Upon defeating the two Nuclear Corsolas on Route 7, when the NPC starts following you, part of their sprite will get cut off at the border between the route and Bealbeach City. This will happen only after entering a battle before reaching that border, or when crossing said border into the city: https://pokemon-uranium.fandom.com/wiki/File:Dude_Where%27s_My_Scalp.jpg
  • If a swimming trainer approaches you while you're on land, you can select him/her after the battle. It will ask if you want to surf. If you answer yes, you surf on the land, and the trainer's text is displayed. It then becomes possible to surf on that land and even for wild Pokémon to attack you while you're surfing there. Example: http://prntscr.com/9go91l
  • A Nuclear Magikarp might have the same sprite as a normal Magikarp.
  • On the border between Routes 5 and 12, if you pause the game to look at a menu option that changes the screen and then go out of the pause menu, any part of your sprite that crosses the other side of the route border will not be displayed. http://prnt.sc/c6lwl9
  • When entering Comet Cave, the cave may become dark. Screenshot of the front entrance of Comet Cave: http://i.imgur.com/GzJ4Hp6.png
  • Berry bushes may randomly turn invisible. http://i.imgur.com/wi46jRm.png
  • This nurse doesn't turn when speaking from below (on the ship). http://i.imgur.com/NXmklib.png
  • The sailor clips through the wall when leaving the Vinoville Lake Ferry. http://i.imgur.com/jv2zI4o.png
  • The player's head can go through Venesi City's bridges. http://imgur.com/a/flcM1
  • In at least three places, Tsukinami Hotel ,Rochfale Town and Legen Town, all visible doors open and close together when exiting. (Seen in 1.1.0) (Legen Townscreenshot)
  • Cali has no walking sprite when interacted from the side, so she will vanish for a split second.
  • In the Route 11 mission, ranger Kellyn's sprite scrolls sideways and is mirrored on the right. But it's fixed when he deploys Empirilla.
  • Moving down and immediately up on the lowest Pokédex entry will cause a simple graphical glitch displaying the icon for that Pokémon on the next on.
  • Attempting to interact with the switch in Nuclear Plant Zeta's East Building from the right will cause the switch to disappear until "Yes" or "No" is selected.
  • In the post game, going to Nuclear Plant Zeta (Outside) and flying out to anywhere will cause the green "haze" to stay. Fixed when you enter a building and leave.
  • Menu sprites for Pokémon do not display on renaming screens.

GTS, Wonder Trade & Virtual Trainer

Errors involving the game's online features.

  • Game crashing error when interacting with GTS attendants without internet connection.

Game Client Issues

Errors with getting the game to run properly on people's computers.

  • Clicking on the game program icon sometimes doesn't launch the game. (Not sure, but it might have to do with RMXP runtime packages.)


  • Incoming PokéPod calls can interrupt certain actions, such as using a HM, encountering a wild Pokémon or entering a cave or building.


Bugs that don't fit into any other category.

  • Resetting the game by pressing F12 may sometimes cause the game to not start back up again.
  • Picnicker in Route 5 follows your sprite around after battle -- harmless, but spooky!
  • In Cali's Water-type Gym in Bealbeach City, there is a room with a blonde-haired girl in the bottom right. If you move east as you enter the room, you can walk through the wall & over the water.
  • Collecting more than 99 berries causes the amount of berries in your bag to roll over.
  • Certain wild Pokémon on the map have different cries when they are interacted with (e.g., an Owten in Bealbeach City using Cubbug's cry).
  • Trading a Pokemon that knows Strength and beating the 6th gym without completing the event on Route 11 will cause Kellyn to not spawn after fighting the preset battles there, preventing players from ever acquiring HM 04.