In-game description
Prevents the use of self-destructing moves.

Damp is an ability introduced in Generation III. So far, 6 Pokémon can have this ability.


In battle

Damp prevents all Pokémon on the field from using the moves Fission Burst or Explosion. It also prevents damage to the bearer from the ability Aftermath.

Outside of battle

Damp has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Damp

Normal Ability

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#024 Icon024 Fortog
Water Poison
#025 Icon025 Folerog
Water Poison
#026 Icon026 Blubelrog
Water Poison
#168 Icon168 Xenomite
Nuclear Nuclear
#169 Icon169 Xenogen
Nuclear Nuclear
#170 Icon170 Xenoqueen
Nuclear Nuclear
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