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Monster Human-Like
Water 1 Water 3
Bug Mineral
Flying Amorphous
Field Water 2
Fairy Duplicat
Grass Dragon

This article is about the Egg Group. You may be looking for the Pokémon.

The Duplicat Egg Group is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. This Egg Group contains only one Pokémon, Duplicat.

Pokémon in the Duplicat egg group are able to breed with any breedable Pokémon, including Genderless Pokémon. However, Duplicat itself cannot be obtained as an egg.

Pokémon in the Duplicat Egg Group

Dex # Pokémon Type
#128 Duplicat Duplicat
Normal Normal


  • This egg group replaced the Ditto egg group in an earlier version of Pokémon Uranium, as Ditto was replaced with Duplicat.