217px-Black White Fennel
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Hometown Striation City
Region Unova
Relatives Unknown

Fennel is a scientist from Unova who is visiting Tandor. She specializes in technology related to Pokémon dreams.


Fennel is currently a minor character NPC. However, given her field of research and the fact that her last known location in Tandor is in Venesi City, it can be speculated that she will be closely connected with the unfinished Sleeping Girl Sidequest.


Fennel is a native of Unova, where she attended college with two friends who would later become noteworthy professors in the region. Even in college, she'd had a fascination with dreams, and later focused her career on researching Pokémon dreams. With the discovery of Dream Mist, she was able to finish development on technology to allow people to both look into those dreams and make them reality.

Not much is known about Fennel after the events of Pokémon Black/White 2. At some point, she decided to travel to Tandor, where she is currently visiting.

In the Game

Fennel first appears in Tsukinami Village, where she is staying at the village's hotel. When the player speaks to Fennel and tells her about the sleeping girl in Venesi City, she quickly travels to the girl's home to see if she can help. When you speak to her again at the sleeping girl's house, she tells you that, due to the complexity of human dreams compared to Pokémon dreams, she'll need more time to work on her Dream World technology so that the girl can be cured.


Fennel is accompanied by a Musharna, who traveled with her from Unova. It is not known if she has any other Pokémon.


Overworld sprite 


  • Fennel is a canon character who appears in both Pokémon Black and White and Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. She is also featured in the Pokémon Black and White series anime episodes "Dreams by the Yard Full!" and "Archeops In The Modern World!", and makes several appearances in the corresponding manga series as well. This makes her one of only two canon characters who appears in the game, the other being Kellyn.
  • Fennel's Musharna is one of the only four Pokémon seen in the game who are not native to Tandor nor obtainable by the player (the others being a Gengar, which belongs to Elite Trainer Adam, and a Staraptor and a Blissey, both belonging to different Rangers). However, both Musharna and its pre-evolution, Munna, were at one point intended to be in the game and later replaced with other Pokémon.

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