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The Human-Like Egg Group is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. This Egg Group contains twenty Pokémon.

Note that though this Egg Group contains Genderless Pokémon, they are still unable to breed with any Pokémon besides a Duplicat.

Pokémon in the Human-Like Egg Group

Only in this Egg Group

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#077 Sableye Sableye
Dark Ghost
#160 Swabone Swabone
Ghost Fighting
#161 Skelerogue Skelerogue
Ghost Fighting
#162 Navighast Navighast
Ghost Fighting
#171 Hazma Hazma
Nuclear Nuclear
#179 Praseopunk Praseopunk
Psychic Electric
#180 Neopunk Neopunk
Psychic Electric
#187 Devimp Devimp
Fire Dark
#188 Fallengel Fallengel
Fire Dark
#189 Beliaddon Beliaddon
Fire Dark

In this and another Egg Group

Pokémon Type Other
#067 Lunapup Lunapup Ground Fighting Field
#068 Herolune Herolune Ground Fighting Field
#069 Minyan Minyan Dark Poison Field
#070 Vilucard Vilucard Dark Poison Field
#121 Selkid Selkid Water Fairy Water 1
#122 Syrentide Syrentide Water Fairy Water 1
#126 Jackdeary Jackdeary Fairy Fighting Fairy
#127 Winotinger Winotinger Fairy Fighting Fairy
#145 Chupacho Chupacho Poison Unknown Field
#146 Luchabra Luchabra Poison Fighting Field