Icicle Crash (move)Icicle Spear (move)Icy Rock
Icy Wind (move)Illuminate (ability)Illusion (ability)
Immunity (ability)Imprison (move)In-game Trades
Incinerate (move)Infernal Blade (move)Inferno (move)
Infestation (move)Infiltrator (ability)Inflagetah
InflagetiteInfuriate (ability)Ingrain (move)
Inner Focus (ability)Insomnia (ability)Instant Crush (move)
Interconnectivity FeaturesIntimidate (ability)Ion Deluge (move)
IronIron Defense (move)Iron Fist (ability)
Iron Head (move)Iron Tail (move)Jaboca Berry
Jungle's CrownJungoreJustified (ability)
KaitoKarate Chop (move)Kasib Berry
Keen Eye (ability)KellynKelpsy Berry
Kevlar TownKinetmunkKing's Rock
KiricornKiricorniteKnock Off (move)
LanthanLanthanite CaveLanthanite Core
Laser Pulse (move)Last Resort (move)Lava Cookie
Lava Plume (move)LaventLazy (ability)
Lead Skin (ability)Leaf Blade (move)Leaf Guard (ability)
Leaf StoneLeaf Storm (move)Leafeon
Leech Life (move)Leech Seed (move)Leer (move)
LeftoversLegen TownLegendary Pokémon
Leppa BerryLevel BallLeviathao
Levitate (ability)Lick (move)Liechi Berry
Life OrbLight Screen (move)Lightning Rod (ability)
LinkiteLiquid Ooze (ability)List of Moves Gained by Nuclear Form
List of Pokémon base stats by typeList of Pokémon by AbilityList of Pokémon by base friendship
List of Pokémon by base statsList of Pokémon by body styleList of Pokémon by catch rate
List of Pokémon by colorList of Pokémon by effort value yieldList of Pokémon by height
List of Pokémon by weightList of Pokémon by wild held itemList of Trade Only Evolutions
List of breedable Pokémon by Egg Groups and Hatch StepsLock-On (move)Lombre
LotadLove BallLovely Grooming
Low Kick (move)Low Sweep (move)Luchabra
LucilleLucky Chant (move)Lucky Egg
LudicoloLum BerryLunapup
Lure BallLuxelongLuxi
LuxorLuxury BallMach Punch (move)
Macho BraceMagic Bounce (ability)Magic Coat (move)
Magic Guard (ability)Magic Room (move)Magical Leaf (move)
MagikarpMagma Armor (ability)Magma Storm (move)
MagnetMagnet Bomb (move)Magnet Rise (move)
Magnitude (move)Main CharacterMain Page
MariaMaskingMaster Ball
Mat Block (move)Max ElixirMax Ether
Max PotionMax RepelMax Revive
Me First (move)Mean Look (move)Meditate (move)
Mega BraceletMega Drain (move)Mega Evolution
Mega Launcher (ability)Mega Punch (move)Megahorn (move)
Memento (move)Metal Burst (move)Metal Claw (move)
Metal CoatMetal Cruncher (move)Metal Sound (move)
Metal Whip (move)MetalynxMetalynxite
Meteor Mash (move)Metronome (move)Miasmedic
Mimic (move)Mind Reader (move)Mineral (Egg Group)
MinicornMinus (ability)Minyan
Miracle Eye (move)Miracle SeedMirror Coat (move)
Mirror Move (move)Mirror Shot (move)Misdreavus
MismagiusMist (move)Misty Terrain (move)
ModrilleMoki TownMold Breaker (ability)
Monster (Egg Group)Moody (ability)Moon Ball
Moon StoneMoonblast (move)Moonlight (move)
Morning Sun (move)Moss ShardMotor Drive (ability)
Move ListMove TutorsMoxie (ability)
Mud-Slap (move)Mud Bomb (move)Mud Shot (move)
Mud Sport (move)Muddy Water (move)Mutios
Mystery GiftMystic WaterMystical Fire (move)
Mythical PokémonNasty Plot (move)Natural Cure (ability)
Natural Gift (move)NatureNature Power (move)
NavighastNeopunkNest Ball
Net BallNeverMeltIceNew Features
New Moves and AbilitiesNight Shade (move)Night Slash (move)
Nightmare (move)NimfloraNinja Reunion Sidequest
Normal (type)Nowtoch CityNowtoch City Gym
Nuclear (type)Nuclear BallNuclear Fallout
Nuclear Plant EpsilonNuclear Plant OmicronNuclear Plant Zeta
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