Shed Skin (ability)SheebitSheer Cold (move)
Sheer Force (ability)SheldonShell Armor (ability)
Shell BellShell Smash (move)Shield Dust (ability)
Shift Gear (move)Shiny CharmShiny Stone
Shock Wave (move)ShrimputyShuca Berry
SidequestsSignal Beam (move)Signature Abilities
Silk ScarfSilver PowderSilver Wind (move)
Silverport TownSimple (ability)Simple Beam (move)
Sing (move)Sitrus BerrySkelerogue
Sketch (move)Skill Swap (move)Skull Bash (move)
Sky Attack (move)Sky Drop (move)Sky Fall (move)
Sky Uppercut (move)Slack Off (move)Slam (move)
Slash (move)Sleep Powder (move)Sleep Talk (move)
Sleeping Girl SidequestSlothohmSludge (move)
Sludge Bomb (move)Sludge Wave (move)Smack Down (move)
Smelling Salts (move)Smog (move)Smoke Ball
Smokescreen (move)Smooth RockSmore
Snarl (move)Snatch (move)Sniper (ability)
SnopachSnore (move)Snow Cloak (ability)
Snow Warning (ability)Snowbank TownSnowbank Town Gym
Soak (move)Soda PopSoft Sand
Softboiled (move)Solar Beam (move)Solar Power (ability)
Solid Rock (ability)Sonic Boom (move)Soothe Bell
Sound Boost (ability)Soundproof (ability)Spark (move)
Special moveSpeed Boost (ability)Spell Tag
Spider Web (move)Spike Cannon (move)Spikes (move)
Spiky Shield (move)Spit Up (move)Spite (move)
Splash (move)SplendifowlSponaree
Sr. GoldkornStall (ability)Star Piece
StardustStarter PokémonStat Boost Grooming
Static (ability)Status moveStealth Rock (move)
Steel (type)Steel Wing (move)Stenowatt
StickSticky Terrain (move)Sticky Web (move)
Stockpile (move)Stomp (move)Stone Edge (move)
Stored Power (move)Storm Throw (move)Stormbringer (ability)
Strength (move)String Shot (move)Strong Jaw (ability)
Struggle (move)Struggle Bug (move)Stun Spore (move)
Sturdy (ability)Subduction (move)Submission (move)
Substitute (move)Sucker Punch (move)Suction Cups (ability)
Sudden Strike (move)Sun StoneSunny Day (move)
Super Fang (move)Super Luck (ability)Super Potion
Super RepelSuper RodSuperpower (move)
Supersonic (move)Surf (move)Surfboard
SwaboneSwagger (move)Swallow (move)
Swarm (ability)Sweet Kiss (move)Sweet Scent (move)
Swift (move)Swift Swim (ability)Switcheroo (move)
Swords Dance (move)SylveonSynchronize (ability)
Synchronoise (move)Synthesis (move)Syrentide
SyrentideiteTM and HM listTackle (move)
Tail Glow (move)Tail Slap (move)Tail Whip (move)
Tailwind (move)Take Down (move)Tamato Berry
TancoonTandorTandor League
Tandor Luxury CruiseTandor Ranger UnionTandor Underground
TanscureTaunt (move)Technician (ability)
Teeter Dance (move)Telekinesis (move)Telepathy (ability)
Teleport (move)TerlardTerrabbit
The LabyrinthTheoTheriamp
Thick Fat (ability)Thief (move)Thrash (move)
Thunder (move)Thunder Fang (move)Thunder Punch (move)
Thunder Shock (move)Thunder StoneThunder Wave (move)
Thunderbolt (move)Thunderstorm (move)Thunderstorm (weather condition)
Tickle (move)TikikiTiko
Timer BallTinkererTinted Lens (ability)
Torment (move)Torrent (ability)Tough Claws (ability)
Toxic (move)
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