Lucille is the main character's mother and wife of Kellyn. She appears in the introductory cutscene in the game. Ten years before the events of the game, she disappears in a mysterious explosion at the Nuclear Plant Epsilon.


Before the accident, Lucille was a genius scientist who specialized in Nuclear Physics. She was the chief supervisor of Tandor Region's largest Nuclear Power Plant, located on an island to the southeast of Bealbeach City. She was widely respected in her field and was on the cutting edge of research to develop newer, safer clean energy technologies.

Not much is currently known about Lucille's history prior to the events at the original Nuclear Plant, as it is not elaborated on within the game. She was married to Kellyn some time before the events of the game and had a child, the main character, three years prior. Though the two worked demanding jobs, they both still made time for their child.

One day, while performing a routine maintenance procedure on the Nuclear Power Plant where she worked, the core spontaneously began to overheat. Cameron, who was on-site as an electrical technician, made sure that all of the plant operators working there evacuated safely; however, upon attempting to evacuate Lucille, she fled deeper into the underground sections of the plant and was incapable of being evacuated before the core detonated. The area was left uninhabitable and thus hindered any opportunity to look for her body.

Kellyn took this lack of evidence to be proof that she was still alive, and out there somewhere. He found himself unable to return home, as their house and child filled him with too much grief. Instead, he became obsessed with his work as a Pokémon Ranger, taking increasingly risky and dangerous assignments and constantly searching for evidence of his disappeared wife. Cameron states later that he believes that Kellyn never forgave him for being incapable of saving his wife during the accident.

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Lucille was involved in the invention of the CURIE Interface with Larkspur Industries and had used it to communicate while testing Project U092, Urayne. Lucille and Urayne became very close friends, and when the project was to be shut down upon Larkspur's realization that information had leaked of the project's illegality, Lucille swore to protect Urayne from being destroyed. When the Nuclear Plant was having a meltdown, Lucille and Urayne stayed in Urayne's stasis tank to survive the nuclear radiation. They remained in hibernation for ten years until Lucille was presumably released by the main character as they explored the Nuclear Plant Epsilon ruins. Having worn the Interface for as long as she did within the stasis tank had terribly damaged her mind, and she emerged as CURIE with a hunger for nuclear power.


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