Pokemon Uranium is an original Pokemon fangame made in RPGmaker. It takes place in the Tandor Region and has over 100 all-new Pokemon to catch, battle, and train. Trainers must explore the region, collecting the 6 Tandor Gym badges while saving the region from a nuclear-powered threat. The Pokemon Uranium Wiki has comprehensive information on all of the Pokemon, locations, characters, and features in this game and can serve as a game guide as well as a forum to discuss strategies and tips.

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Welcome to the Pokémon Uranium Wikia!
Pokémon Uranium is a free fangame made in RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials. The game takes place in the Tandor region, where the player must collect 8 Gym Badges in order to compete in the Tandor Regional Championship. Along the way, the player must also fill up their PokéDex with the entries of more than 190 different species of Pokémon.


This wiki contains everything you should need to know about the fangame Pokémon Uranium, from Pokémon movesets and character biographies to tips and strategies on how to progress in the game.

So far we have a crazy 80,657 total edits on this wiki!

Pokémon art is provided by Popkas. Templates were designed by the staff of Bulbapedia and Maruno of the CAPX Wiki.

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