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The Mineral Egg Group is one of the fifteen Egg Groups. This Egg Group contains 12 Pokémon.

Note that though this Egg Group contains Genderless Pokémon, they are still unable to breed with any Pokémon besides a Duplicat.

Pokémon in the Mineral Egg Group

Only in this Egg Group

Dex # Pokémon Type
#054 Comite Comite
Rock Rock
#055 Cometeor Cometeor
Rock Psychic
#056 Astronite Astronite
Rock Psychic
#117 Titanice Titanice
Ice Ice

In this and another Egg Group

Pokémon Type Other
#015 Barewl Barewl Rock Steel Monster
#016 Dearewl Dearewl Rock Steel Monster
#017 Gararewl Gararewl Steel Unknown Monster
#113 Snopach Snopach Ice Rock Field
#114 Dermafrost Dermafrost Ice Rock Field
#141 Gargryph Gargryph Rock Unknown Flying
#164 Jungore Jungore Fighting Rock Field
#165 Majungold Majungold Fighting Rock Field