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Mirror Move
Type  Flying
Category  Status
Accuracy  —%
PP  20 (max. 32)
Priority  {{{priority}}}
The user counters the target by mimicking the target's last move.
  • Does not make contact
  • Not affected by Protect
  • Not affected by Magic Coat
  • Not affected by Snatch
  • Not affected by King's Rock
Foe Foe
Self Ally
May affect anyone but the user

Mirror Move is a move-copying Flying-type move.


Mirror Move uses the last move targeted at the user by a Pokémon still on the field. A move called by Mirror Move in this way counts as the last move used. Moves that target multiple Pokémon count as long as the user of Mirror Move is one of the targets.

Mirror Move will fail if the target did not make a move selection in the round before the use of Mirror Move, switches out during the round Mirror Move is used, or if the opponent's last move used was Mirror Move.

Paralysis, confusion, recharging, and building up for a multi-turn move have no effect to the last move used. If Mirror Move is used against a target that was fully paralyzed or hurt itself right before its use, Mirror Move will still use the last move that the target used. If Mirror Move is used during the first turn of a multi-turn move, Mirror Move will use the move that the opponent used before that move (or fail if no move was previously made).

A Pokémon will be able to use a move that is disabled if it is called via Mirror Move.

Mirror Move can be also used on teammates. If used on a move like Rock Slide that can only target opponents, Mirror Move will use it without hurting allies.

Pokémon that learn Mirror Move

By leveling up

Dex # Pokémon Type Level
#050 Pahar Pahar Fire Flying 39
#051 Palij Palij Fire Flying 45
#052 Pajay Pajay Fire Flying 49

By breeding

Dex # Pokémon Type Father
#035 Owten Owten Normal Flying Pahar
#036 Eshouten Eshouten Normal Flying
  • For clarity, only the lowest stage possible of every compatible evolutionary line are listed as fathers.
  • When Ratsy (Ratsy*) is listed as a father, it means that the move must be acquired via Sketch beforehand.