In-game description
The Pokémon raises opposing Pokémon's PP usage.

Pressure is an ability introduced in Generation III. So far, 5 Pokémon have this ability, none of which are available.


In battle

When a Pokémon with Pressure is targeted by a foe's move, one additional PP is deducted upon execution. If the move of a Pokémon targets several foes with Pressure, one additional PP will be deducted for each one.

Outside of battle

If a Pokémon with Pressure is the leading party Pokémon, wild Pokémon are 50% more likely to be a higher level. It shares this effect with Hustle and Vital Spirit.

Pokémon with Pressure

Normal Ability

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#192 Icon192 Baitatao
Water Fire
#193 Icon193 Leviathao
Water Ice
#194 Icon194 Krakanao
Water Dark
#198 Icon198 Aotius
Flying Fire
#199 Icon199 Mutios
Ghost Water
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