Professor Ernest Bamb'o
Age 32
Gender Male
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Moki Town
Region Tandor
Trainer class Pokémon Professor

Ernest Bamb'o (Bam-BO) is a Pokémon Professor from the Tandor region, who specializes in the study of Pokémon Elements.

He employs the Player and Theo to help him research Pokémon from around the region.

In the game


Professor Bamb'o is the first character the player meets in the game, as he delivers the introductory lecture. The player is then meant to head to his lab, where he administers the Pokémon Trainer Test and gives the player and Theo their Starter Pokémon and a PokéDex.

After the player gets the first Gym Badge, he sends Theo to deliver HM06 Rock Smash. The player returns to Moki Town, where he congratulates them on a job well done and gives them 5 Poké Balls.

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The player runs into Bamb'o again in Rochfale Town, where he is helping Professor Cypress deal with the crisis of the missing Pokémon at Rochfale Labs.

After the First Strike, Bamb'o meets the player in Vinoville Town to express his sympathies and concerns about Theo. He then gives the player an evolutionary stone of their choice.

The emergence of Nuclear Pokémon causes him to change the course of his research to focus on why it happens and if a cure can be found.

Pokédex Milestones

Professor Bamb'o will give you rewards for reaching certain milestones in your collection.

Reward Pokémon Required
Bag Rare Candy Sprite Rare Candy 10
Bag PP Up Sprite PP Up 20
Bag TM90 (Substitute) Sprite TM90 (Substitute) 30
Bag Minicorn Sprite Minicorn 50
Bag Shiny Stone Sprite Shiny Stone 75
Bag Dusk Stone Sprite Dusk Stone 75
Bag Luxi Sprite Luxi 100
Bag TM89 (U-Turn) Sprite TM89 (U-Turn) 125
Bag Raptorch Sprite Raptorch 150
Bag Eletux Sprite Eletux 150
Bag Orchynx Sprite Orchynx 150
Bag Oval Charm Sprite Oval Charm 175
Bag Shiny Charm Sprite Shiny Charm 194 (200 prior to 1.02)


Bamb'o has a very laid-back personality, as evidenced by his fashion choices of tropical shirts and shorts rather than a lab coat. He gets along well with Pokémon and was drawn to work with them from a young age. He has a curious streak and is always asking questions about how the world works. His research keeps him very busy, so he can't afford to venture around the region, although he does use his Pajay to fly to places of interest.


Professor Bamb'o does not battle, but he has a Pajay that he uses for transport around the region. He also keeps whichever starter wasn't picked by the player and Theo. Additionally, he has access to all of the Pokémon that the player captures but does not use, as well as many others he keeps in the lab for use in his research.


TrainerBambo BamboOverworld
Trainer sprite Overworld sprite


  • His name comes from "Bamboo", a type of Chinese stalk plant, following the main series' trend of naming professors after plants.

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