Professor Lily Cypress is the second Pokémon professor encountered in the Tandor Region. She currently lives in Rochfale Town and studies Pokémon speech patterns.


After the player reaches Rochfale Town, heading west to Route 6 triggers part 1 of the Garlikid Sidequest. Professor Bamb'o will stop them and ask for their assistance. He then brings them to Cypress Labs, where Lily explains that a thief stole the laboratory's test Pokémon. She then uses the Pokémon Speech Translator on an Owten to find out where the thief went. After the player has defeated Garlikid on Route 6, Cypress and Bamb'o arrive, and she awards them with the PST.


  • Her last name comes from "Cypress", a type of tree, following the main series' trend of naming professors after plants.
  • Her first name Lily comes from either a lily pad or lily.

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