Same-type attack bonus, abbreviated to STAB, grants a 50% boost to the power of an attack that matches one of the types of the Pokémon that uses it. The result of this is a 50% increase in damage (this becomes 100% if the Pokémon has Adaptability

Examples of STAB in action

A Smore using Leech Life increases the power of the move from 20 to 30, since both are Bug-type. Smore using Ember however, does not get the 50% special attack bonus, since it is not a Fire-type Pokémon.

Firoke, on the other hand, would receive the same-type attack bonus when using either Leech Life or Ember, since Firoke is a dual-type Bug- and Fire-type Pokémon.

Variation of move type

A Pokémon only receives STAB on the current type of the move, not its listed type. For example, if the user's type matches their Hidden Power type, they do receive Same-Type Attack Bonus; however, since a Normal-type Hidden Power is not possible, a pure Normal-type Pokémon cannot receive STAB for Hidden Power.

Similarly, STAB will be applied if an Electric-, Fairy-, or Nuclear-type Pokémon changes the type of their offensive Normal-type moves (except Hidden Power) via Energizate, Pixilate or Atomizate, respectively.


Moves that do not take STAB into consideration include:

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