A signature ability is an ability that can only be possessed by members of one evolutionary line.

With the large number of abilities in the main series games and the comparatively small number of Pokémon in Pokémon Uranium, it is not uncommon for a canon ability to be exclusive to one line in Pokémon Uranium despite multiple Pokémon having it in the official games. Due to the large number of such instances, these abilities will currently not be included in this list.

List of Signature Abilities

Ability Description Bearer(s) Availability
Aroma Veil Protects allies from attacks that limit their move choices. Icon123Icon124 Normal Ability
Atomizate Normal-type moves become Nuclear-type moves. Icon138 Normal Ability
Chernobyl Summons a nuclear fallout when it enters battle. Icon197 Gamma form
Deep Freeze Contact with the Pokémon may freeze the attacker. Icon154 Normal Ability
Disenchant Grants the bearer immunity to damaging Fairy-type moves. Icon187Icon188Icon189 Hidden Ability
Elementalist Powers up Fire, Electric, and Water-type moves. Icon190 Normal Ability
Energizate Normal-type moves become Electric-type moves. Icon115Icon116 Normal Ability
Lazy Starts the battle sleeping. Icon031 Normal Ability
Rebuild Restores HP when not damaged on turn. Icon141 Normal Ability
Sharp Coral Doubles Attack and Special Attack, but halves Defense and Special Defense. Icon082 Normal Ability
Sound Boost Sound based moves do more damage. Icon099Icon100 Normal Ability
Stormbringer Summons a thunderstorm when it enters battle. Icon186 Normal Ability


  • Though not signature abilities in the main series games, Drought, Drizzle, and Sand Stream all only have one evolutionary line that can obtain the ability in Uranium. This means the only weather-summoning ability that can be obtained by multiple Pokémon is Snow Warning.
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