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Stealth Rock
Type  Rock
Category  Status
Accuracy  —%
PP  20 (max. 32)
Priority  {{{priority}}}
The user lays a trap of levitating stones around the foe. The trap hurts foes that switch into battle.
  • Does not make contact
  • Not affected by Protect
  • Affected by Magic Coat and Magic Bounce
  • Not affected by Snatch
  • Not affected by King's Rock
Foe Foe
Self Ally
Affects all foes

Stealth Rock is a Rock-type entry hazard move.

Stealth Rock is found within TM76, located across a pond in Passage Cave.


Stealth Rock lays a trap that damages opposing Pokémon that switch in. This damage is based off of each Pokémon's type matchup with the Rock type and is calculated as follows:

Type effectiveness Damage (Max. HP)
0.25× 3.125%
0.5× 6.25%

Stealth Rock does no damage to Pokémon with Magic Guard. The moves Defog and Rapid Spin can clear away Stealth Rock; Rapid Spin clears them from the user's side of the battlefield, while Defog clears them from both sides.

Pokémon that learn Stealth Rock

By leveling up

Dex no. Pokémon Type Level
#141 Gargryph Gargryph Rock Unknown 25

Via TM

Dex no. Pokémon Type
#003 Raptorch Raptorch
Fire Ground
#004 Archilles Archilles
Fire Ground
#015 Barewl Barewl
Steel Rock
#016 Dearewl Dearewl
Steel Rock
#017 Gararewl Gararewl
Steel Steel
#018 Grozard Grozard
Ground Ground
#019 Terlard Terlard
Ground Dragon
#053 Jerbolta Jerbolta
Electric Ground
#054 Comite Comite
Rock Rock
#055 Cometeor Cometeor
Rock Psychic
#056 Astronite Astronite
Rock Psychic
#067 Lunapup Lunapup
Ground Fighting
#068 Herolune Herolune
Ground Fighting
#073 Modrille Modrille
Ground Dark
#074 Drilgann Drilgann
Ground Dark
#075 Gligar Gligar
Ground Flying
#076 Gliscor Gliscor
Ground Flying
#078 Cocaran Cocaran
Grass Ground
#079 Cararalm Cararalm
Grass Ground
#080 Cocancer Cocancer
Grass Ground
#081 Corsola Corsola
Water Rock
#082 Corsoreef Corsoreef
Water Rock
#113 Snopach Snopach
Ice Rock
#114 Dermafrost Dermafrost
Ice Rock
#115 Slothohm Slothohm
Electric Rock
#116 Theriamp Theriamp
Electric Rock
#155 Fafurr Fafurr
Ice Dragon
#156 Fafninter Fafninter
Ice Dragon
#181 Sheebit Sheebit
Ground Ground
#182 Terrabbit Terrabbit
Ground Ground
#183 Laissure Laissure
Ground Ground
#187 Devimp Devimp
Fire Dark
#188 Fallengel Fallengel
Fire Dark
#189 Beliaddon Beliaddon
Fire Dark
#195 Lanthan Lanthan
Ground Steel
#196 Actan Actan
Dark Steel

By Breeding

Dex no. Pokémon Type Father
#085 Cassnail Cassnail Ground Water Corsola
#086 Sableau Sableau Ground Water
#087 Escartress Escartress Ground Water
#115 Slothohm Slothohm Electric Rock GrozardJerboltaLunapupModrilleSnopachSheebit
#116 Theriamp Theriamp Electric Rock
#155 Fafurr Fafurr Ice Dragon RaptorchBarewlGrozardModrille
#156 Fafninter Fafninter Ice Dragon

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