The Tandor Ranger Union (TRU) is the primary law enforcement force in the Tandor Region. They are concerned with protecting the environment, Pokémon, and people from danger and misuse. Kellyn, the main character's father, is the Chief Ranger of the TRU.

Pokémon Rangers in Tandor function the same as in the "Pokémon Ranger" series. Unlike trainers, they do not capture Pokémon in PokéBalls, but can use their Capture Stylers to temporarily placate wild Pokémon when needed and use their abilities. Although they do not capture and train Pokémon, many Rangers have a companion Pokémon (known as a Partner Pokémon) that is always by their side and assists them with their duties.

Involvement In Plot

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The TRU headquarters is located in Bealbeach City; not only is it the central hub for all Ranger operations in West Tandor, but it also has a research-and-development lab and a small hospital. The player must pay the HQ a visit and speak to Kellyn upon arriving in Bealbeach in order to activate the Nuclear Plant Epsilon Event. There are also two smaller TRU bases in West Tandor; one located in Nowtoch City, and one located in Legen Town. The base in Legen Town also serves as a safe house and fallout shelter due to its proximity to Nuclear Plant Zeta.

After the First Strike, the TRU are the first respondents to help evacuate the people in the Power Plant and in Bealbeach City. Following that, they have increased presence around the region.

Immediately after the Second Strike occurs, a Pokémon Ranger arrives to inform the player in Vinoville and then lends the player and Theo her Staraptor to escape. The Tandor Rangers then form a protective barrier to the north of Legen Town in order to protect its citizens from aggressive Nuclear Pokémon that are attacking.

Shortly after the player defeats the gym in Tsukinami, Pokémon Rangers arrive in the village to evacuate the citizens after learning of a potential threat to nearby Nuclear Plant Omicron. One of the Rangers then asks the player for assistance in defending the power plant.

After successfully defending Omicron, Kellyn promotes the player and Theo to full Ranger status in order for them to lead a mission into the Hazard Zone to apprehend CURIE and Urayne. Although the Rangers cannot go into the remains of Zeta due to lack of fully protective gear, they are able to provide extensive support along the Hazard Zone by subduing Nuclear Pokémon with their newly-updated Stylers.

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