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This event can be triggered anytime after the player becomes Champion.

Example of scrambled text by event. Screenshot taken in version 1.2.4

During the post-game, any time the player accesses a PC that is not in the Daycare, there is a small chance (1/99) that some of the text will be distorted or have strange characters added. Upon clicking any option other than "Log Off," the player will be taken to a location titled "Unknown." It is here where Praseopunk and Neopunk are found.

The player will spawn at the beginning of a corridor that leads to a room with a switch and four colored tiles; blue, green, red, and yellow. When the switch is pressed, the tiles will light up in a random order, prompting the player to repeat the pattern by stepping on the tiles. If they are successful, the tiles will all light up green; otherwise they will light up red and must be reset.

The first time the switch is pressed, the tiles will light up in a random sequence of four. The second time, it will be a sequence of five, and so on. When the player completes four of these sequences, a light path will appear. Following this path will take you to the Punk Twins. You can interact with the switch again and complete these puzzles with a chosen difficulty between 1 to 20. The difficulty chosen corresponds to the amount of tiles one has to remember. There is no benefit of doing this outside of having fun with the puzzle however.

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Praseopunk and Neopunk will attack together and initiate a double battle. One must be knocked out in order for the other to be caught, meaning only one can be caught per save file. However, they may be traded as usual, and it is possible to breed both of the punks with Duplicat. In the event that the player loses to the Punk Twins or knocks both of them out, it is possible to return to the area by triggering the event again. The area cannot be revisited once the player has registered either Praseopunk or Neopunk in the Pokédex, but it will always occur at least once.


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Praseopunk Praseopunk
Only One Only One
90 One
Neopunk Neopunk
Only One Only One
90 One


The music that plays in the room that you encounter the Punk Twins is an 8-bit version of Daft Punk's Harder Better Faster Stronger.

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