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About Me:

Occupation : digital artist DOB: June '84

Location: Eastern Canada

Favorite R/B Pokemon: Raichu, Machamp, Gengar, Articuno, Alakazam, Venusaur,

Fav Uranium Pokemon: Chyinmunk, Terlard, Metalynx

Pokemon Uranium ID: 57944

Tadoké (Ta-Doh-Kay) like Pokémon it has the E-acute Latin letter. Highschool french class I was bored and combined 3 names, which I've forgotten. I had gotten into Pokémon I created some random alias self representing character. I'm a fairly open person to constructive criticism. I'm very human with limitations to an extent. Like to believe in achieving balance in a half ass yin & yang ideology with applied mutated randomness. At times I'll lazingly strive for efficiencies with massacred grammar and made up words. Engrish Lan. is brokn enuf, I cant c me doin more dmg ha ha.

My Pokémon backstory:

Nintendo Power Guide's comic adaptations of the Pokemon anime introduced me to Pokemon. I still have those guides from '98 :P. 

When Pokemon Red finally hit shelves it was the first, and only game I've ever put money down to have my copy. Once I got playing, the batteries became endangered in the  my house. Invested in rechargeables and that got replaced with SuperGameBoy just to cut game operating costs. "It's expensive becoming a Pokemon Master ha ha".

glow in the dark Exeggcute and Metapod

It was a difficult Pokemon journey...

  • Only kid in a rural school pop=300, playing my Gameboy recess, lunch...yup even during class. 
  • Hard to complete Red Ver Pokedex with no other known players. 
  • Had to 'slot myself out' just to afford Porygon at 9999 Coins. 
  • Foolishly used my Masterball on a Snorlax.
  • Had no internet dial access up at the time, the Nintendo guides were ALL I had.
  • Got a cousin to sell their Blue Version and gameboy using the two to trade and battle with...myself.
  • Around this time I was getting into the T.C.G. <shudder>. Pokemon Merchandise = $$$, and teens don't have $$$.
  • Decided to make my own Pokemon figures using Model Magic and Polymer clays, made about over 100 figures to complete my own R/L pokedex.
  • These figures caught on and started to 'haggle' trading cards for figure commissions. 
  • Super ridiculous price I had : CHARIZARD card = 12 x 1" figures, 6 x 2-3", 3 x 5", and a life size figure (under 1 foot). 
  • Never got a Charizard card (ha ha), however I forget what cards I got, but a 32 CM tall life size Mew is the biggest I've made. 

A few who sit on my desk. Made with polymer clay, with exceptions. Venonat and Electrode made with Model Magic crafts

Eventually I got Pokemon Gold and equip'd with a Gameboy Color fell in love over again. Day/Nighttime pokemon, days of the week, cell phone, breeding, new types, pokemon equipment, and a brand new region with additional Pokémon, oh ho ho those game developers know how to cook up some GOOOOOD video game meth heh heh.

I don't remember exactly when I stopped, but nearly a decade later I'm shown Pokemon Uranium as a inside Reddit joke response to the uranium glass posting fad. Back addicted again, and very glad to be able to adventure with other players and work together on this Wikia.