Pokémon Uranium Wiki

The storyline for Pokemon Uranium 2 takes place 3 years after the championship event where Theo and the player character finally battle, meaning 4 years after Theo starts his adventure. In place of Larkspur Labs, Professor Spruce has set up shop in Silverport Town, where he studies Pokemon breeding. Another professor, Professor Acacia, has set up her lab in Vinoville Town, where she studies legendary and mythical Pokemon across a variety of regions. New cities and towns are introduced in Uranium 2, similar to B2W2. However, in the late-game it does get increasingly difficult, not quite to the level of Pokemon Reborn but close. To counteract this, there are three modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Hard increases the levels of trainer and wild Pokemon by 2-5, while Easy does the opposite. EXP gain is increased in Challenge Mode to correspond with the levels, while it remains the same in Easy. Levels listed here are on Normal difficulty.

Also, a new evil organization has recently risen, using the company managing the power plants as a front for their illegal activities. Meet Team Atomic, a team who purposely corrupt Pokemon into their Nuclear forms while still retaining their loyalty to their trainers and becoming much more powerful, a practice deemed both illegal and morally flawed. Their ultimate goal is to recreate Urayne in a new form, Delta Urayne, but this time as a mindless machine that will corrupt all Pokemon to make them obedient to only Team Atomic so they can take over all of Tandor and eventually conquer the world. Delta Urayne is halfway in between Beta and Gamma Urayne, on the lower end of the balance and gains some new signature moves.

To fight this new threat, Kellyn has been forced to step back up as chief of the Tandor Rangers. Auntie has by now passed away just a few months prior, and Lucille is in the process of recovery in the ICU, where she has been cleared of all charges by reason of insanity in a special case. The main character has gone on another journey, this time in the Unova region.

Routes have pretty much the same Pokemon, with some variances and different levels, of course, depending on where the player is in their journey. Some Gym Leaders may give you different TMs than before, while some may still be the same. You will require 10 badges to enter the Tandor League now, instead of 8. Pokemon can also be leveled up to level 120, with leveling rates adjusted to do so.

Starting out and Gym 1

You (Zander [male], Emily [female], or Berkeley [ambiguous gender]) start your journey in Vinoville Town at the age of... 16. Well, You are 16, while your sibling and friend are 14. Your father is a referee at the Vinoville Gym, while your mother stays at home to take care of her children. If Zander is chosen as the character, Emily will be his sister and Berkeley will be a childhood friend. If Emily is chosen as the character, Zander will be her brother and Berkeley will be a childhood friend. If Berkeley is chosen as the character, one of the remaining two will be a sibling and the other is the childhood friend (it's randomized.) The starters remain the same. Both the sibling and friend function as your rivals, with your sibling getting the starter with a type advantage to yours and your friend getting the starter with a type disadvantage to yours. There is still a Pokemon Trainer Test. You can go to Route 8 to train, battle trainers, and catch Pokemon, but access to the Vinoville Lake Ferry is not available until you defeat Sheldon and his three Pokemon, earning you the Pixel Badge. Oh, he gives you a free S-51 at level 10. Yay, a free Pokemon!

To Gym 2 and Team Atomic First Encounter

You then gain the BB Ferry Ticket from their father, as well as HM01 Cut. You will need Cut to cut down the trees blocking the way to the ferry dock on Route 8, where you meet up with your sibling and friend. On the ferry, you can battle with other trainers before both rivals challenge you in separate battles. Sleep in the bed to heal your Pokemon. When both rivals are defeated, the ferry will stop at its destination. The dock has been moved a bit down Route 7, and... well, it looks like Bealbeach City expanded out onto Route 7. Holy moley.

There is a Pokemon Center a little ways in, and the streets are lined with people going back and forth between the shops, some keen for a battle if you interact with them. The dock is located right where the beginning of the water is on the west shore, and Bealbeach City has pretty much swallowed up Route 7, with the exception of a bit of sand down near Rochfale Tunnel, the entrance of which has been blasted further into the mountain. There is a small patch of grass there for Poke Radar, but apart from that Bealbeach City has towering skyscrapers on the left shore and cargo docks, a sprawling metropolis in the center, and the far right shore is now a beach resort. The lake in the middle of Route 7 has been filled in; remember, it's completely urbanized now. Old Bealbeach City has developed into downtown, with the hotel/casino and department store still in the same place.

The Gym has been moved to a bit up where the Hidden Grotto area is now, and Cali still runs it. You can head right there to battle her (she has 4 Pokemon), although you need to contact her first in the old gym, which has been converted to a lifeguard school. After earning the Tide Badge, you move out onto uptown Bealbeach, intending to go to Rochfale Town and the next gym in Legen Town. Yeah, there's one there now, it's a Normal-type gym and run by Maria's cousin, Richard. Maria now runs the second Pokemon Trainer School in the Tandor region.

Problems arise, though. Two Team Atomic Grunts are harassing a trainer next to the Rochfale Tunnel entrance to try and steal his Pokemon. Upon coming up to them, a cutscene will play where a not-so-nice exchange of words goes back and forth between your sibling (who also happened to come upon the situation) and the Grunts. It escalates into a Double Battle. Unfortunately for the Grunts, you win because their Pokemon are level 12 and they only have one each. How pathetic. One of the two gets so frustrated he tosses down his hat and storms off, while the other just runs after him to make a quick getaway. The trainer thanks both of you for your help, and from there you and your sibling part ways. You also pick up the hat that the Grunt was wearing. It's quite a perfect fit, considering the Grunts were both shorter and younger than you (remember, you're 16.) The hat is put in your bag, and you can wear it at any time by selecting it or pressing a registered hotkey if you did so.

Gym 3 and Gym 4

Head through Rochfale Tunnel and you'll find that Route 6 is currently the nesting ground of hundreds of Bug Pokemon, so it's closed for now. Oh well. Going onto Route 9 gives you access to the Nursery, so feel free to use it. You can pass onto Legen Town from here, but Richard isn't at his gym. He's actually out on Route 11, trying to catch a Devimp, says the Gym Guy. Devimp on Route 11? Yes, you can find them with Poke Radar! Anyway, after meeting up at Richard, he heads back to his gym so you can challenge him. In the gym is a series of memory puzzles not unlike the one in the area where you catch the Punk Twins in the post-Championship semi-random PC event. After each one, you battle a trainer. Finally, at the end, Richard is ready to battle and heads off his battle with gusto. He has 4 Pokemon. Defeating him earns you the Standard Badge.

The next gym is in Amatree Town. But midway through Route 9 on your way there, your friend meets up with you. Guess what? It's time for a rival battle. *cue music* After defeating your rival, proceeding onto Route 6 is the next thing to do. It's crawling with trainers, and a little bit of a maze back and forth. There are two fossils that can be found later in the Garlikid cave (the one you find him in when doing the Cypress Labs side quest), but you won't be able to get them (choose one) until you get HM02 Rock Smash after defeating Davern (Gym 5.) In Rochfale Town, you'll meet up with your sibling again and they'll give you HM04 Strength, allowing you to gain access to Route 10. First, it's Comet Cave. Levels of wild Pokemon are significantly higher than what can be encountered outside, so be wary. After Comet Cave, Route 4 stretches out along West Tandor's eastern shore. You could go to Burole Town, were there not rocks blocking the way. Into the Amatree Rainforest we go!

Route 10 is like it was before: Rain, rain, bugs, bugs, rain, bugs, rain, bugs... plus the occasional trainer. If you're not keen on capturing anything, stock up on Repels before going in. Tiko doesn't need to get rescued this time, just head over to Amatree Town and battle him. It has electricity now, so there's a Mart and Pokemon Center, although they still use Berries for special items. The Gym is unchanged, although the fire puzzle layout is a bit different. Tiko still likes skirts. Defeat him and his four Pokemon to earn the Salsa Badge.

Gym 5 and Team Atomic Second Encounter

Now, on the way out of Amatree, you'll meet up with both your sibling and your friend, and they challenge each other to a battle before battling you one after another. From there, you're given HM02 Rock Smash, allowing you to access Burole Town. You can battle Davern right away once you traverse Route 4, which has a good deal of trainers. Pick up the Bike Wheel key item while you're here. In addition to the gem scavenger hunt puzzle to unlock the gate to Davern, you'll also need to solve another Strength puzzle with more trainers to battle. Davern has five Pokemon. Defeating him awards you the Bright Gem Badge. Halfway there!

So... where to? There's no gym in Nowtoch City anymore, and you don't have the HM for Surf yet. Well, the teacher of the Burole Town Trainer School needs you to run an urgent letter down to Maria in the other school. It must be very important and confidential if you can't email or text her it. Route 3 isn't much of a problem, just watch out for the trainers. Moki Town is still much the same. If you talk to Professor Bamb'o in his lab, you can receive two stat-boosting hold items for your starter Pokemon. There's also two people hanging around outside acting very strangely.

Hmm... well, onto Route 1. Remember how this was a loop route? It's still much the same, although the fisherman there will give you a Good Rod now. Kevlar Town has a bike shop, and if you picked up that Bike Wheel on Route 4, you can get a free bike! From here, you have the EV reset berry shop, but there's no Crying Boy sidequest now - according to the townsfolk, they kicked him out a while ago.

On Route 2, it's been blocked by a rock slide (unpushable Strength boulders.) As a result, you have no choice but to go through Passage Cave. There's more than just trainers there now, though. Wild Pokemon there attack in Horde Encounters, worse than before. Not to mention that they're at a higher level than what would be for normal Horde encounters. You have a chance to find rare Pokemon here in a 4:1 ratio, though, so keep an eye out, Pokedex completionists.

Nowtoch City is slightly more developed and has expanded away from Route 2 and Passage Cave, bursting into the base of Mt. Actinite. Name Rater's still next to the Pokemon Center. The subway, which was closed for renovations up until now, is now available for you to travel on.

Well, time to deliver that letter. Head up to the old Gym and talk to Maria to give her it. Upon opening it, she blushes for a moment, then regains her composure. Then, Tandor Rangers burst in! It turns out that Team Atomic is launching an imminent raid on Professor Bamb'o's research lab, and they need Maria to help out. Seeing that you have five badges, she suggests that you come help too. The Rangers fly you down to Moki Town, and right away a quartet of Grunts confronts your group. The Rangers handle two of them, but it's up to you and Maria to defeat the other two in a Double Battle! These Grunts have 3 Pokemon each. Upon defeating them, the Rangers arrest all of the Grunts that were battled.

Next, moving up to the town square thing reveals two more Grunts there. A cutscene will play where THEO arrives on a Pajay. Turns out he's the current Champion and won't stand for atrocities such as this in his hometown. He's a year younger, but his Pokemon are around your Pokemon's levels (even though he's a Champion, there are issues with him using level 100 Pokemon, so let's just leave it at him training up a new party.) Maria goes to engage one of the Grunts, while you and Theo run past the other one (she's not keen for a battle.) The road to Prof. Bamb'o's research lab is lined with Grunts, though, so Theo takes the right side while you take the other. Your side happens to have five, as opposed to Theo's 4. Oh well. After each battle, Theo will have also defeated one of the other Grunts. If you need to heal up, talk to one of the Rangers in the town square. Once all of the Grunts are defeated, enter the research lab.

Bamb'o is tied up in the left corner with his lab assistants. To release him, engage the two Grunts guarding him in a double battle with Theo. After releasing Bamb'o, he'll run over to you and Theo and tell you what happened. Team Atomic raided his lab because they wanted to steal as many Pokemon as they could. Remember that they want to turn Pokemon into their Nuclear forms to boost their power so that they can conquer the world? It seems that they decided to speed up the process and swipe loads of Pokemon for their dastardly evil plans. Upon going to the back of the lab, you find Team Atomic Admin Proteus flanked by six Grunts. A cutscene commences where Proteus announces his plan to pilfer the starters of Tandor, and obtain Mega Stones to create a Mega-Evolved army of Nuclear Electruxo, Metalynx, and Archilles. When they try to escape, though, the Tandor Rangers rush in and block their escape path. However, two resourceful Grunts smash a window, grab some bags of stolen Pokeballs, and escape through the broken window. One of the Grunts gets his sweatshirt caught, though, so he pulls it off and successfully escapes. To quote one of the Rangers: "Dammit! We need someone to go after them!"

The remaining four Grunts step forward, and battle the two remaining Rangers, along with Theo and the Professor. You're left to battle Proteus. Oh, how things work out. Cue epic battle music! He's quite a formidable opponent, with 4 Pokemon. His last Pokemon is a Nuclear Paraboom, which can MEGA EVOLVE?! Yes, Uranium 2 introduces some new Mega Evolutions, Paraboom being one of them. Take care that it does not sweep your entire team with Boomburst, and as is the strategy with all Nuclears, use a fast Pokemon to hit it with a 4x effective move, in this case a Fighting-type move (it's Normal/Nuclear.) Upon being defeated, he makes his escape by throwing down a Smoke Ball. The Grunts aren't as lucky and are arrrested.

One of the Rangers goes over to the broken window and pulls off the sweatshirt, and as a reward for your help, gives you it. You put it on along with the hat, and the Ranger remarks that you look a lot like a Team Atomic Grunt, as even the jeans and the open-fingered gloves that you're wearing have the same appearance as what the Grunts are wearing. Just then, Kelly comes in, and true to what the Ranger said, he mistakes you for a Grunt and tries to arrest you. The Ranger, Theo, and Bamb'o explain what happened, so Kellyn suggests that if you want to wear that outfit, you should have your Trainer Card ready to show people that you're not an actual Grunt. He does agree that you do look perfectly like a Grunt and could blend in with the actual ones.

For visual purposes, imagine the character wearing black jeans with gold stripes running down the sides, with gray shoes that have gold Pokeball symbols on the sides (Grunts can wear whatever shoes and socks they like.) The black sweatshirt has a gold radioactive symbol on its upper-left quadrant, with a thick gold stripe running from the top-left to the bottom-right. The hat is a baseball cap that has a gold trim around its edges. A message appears, remarking it's actually quite comfortable to wear. After everything's sorted out, Bamb'o gives you HM06 Surf, allowing you to access Route 12 from Route 5.

Gym 6 and Gym 7

From Moki Town, you can either backtrack to Nowtoch City and take the subway to Legen Town and take Route 9, 6, and 5, or take Route 3, 4, and go through Comet Cave to reach Route 12 from Route 5's beach. Either way, traverse Route 12 with a Surfing Pokemon. There is no ninja dojo there anymore (or anywhere else, for that matter) since the main character rounded all the EV training ninjas up in the Ninja Reunion Sidequest in the first game. Ninjas will not ambush you on Route 12 this time, since public relations with the outside world have been successful. Upon landing on Maskara Island's southwest beach (Route 13), you can speak to the traveling Pokemon Doctor there to heal your Pokemon. Route 13's layout is much the same as before, but with a path running through parts of it now (less grass patches.) The Labyrinth is closed. I wonder why? Talking to the guard there reveals that someone lost three Eevee in there this time. Okay, that's ridiculous.

Venisi City is mostly unchanged. The boats are a bit rearranged, but not much else is different. There's an extra row of houses on the lower side now, though. You can get a free Eevee from the House of Eevee, as well as evolutionary items. The Tipsy Tancoon is closed for renovations. There IS a Carrot Wine item outside it though, probably dropped by a drunk. Collect it to evolve a Jackdeary if you want. The guy who pilots his boat back and forth between Bealbeach and Venisi is now making trips, and he'll do it to Silverport, Angelure, and Voltin as well once you reach those destinations. You'll find out what Voltin City is later. The worst part about this, though, is that the Venisi Opera House is hosting a show tonight, so the gym is CLOSED! Nooooooo! Well, you've only got one choice: Head back to Route 13, where you'll find that the Labyrinth is open and your sibling happens to be there.

If you're wearing the hat and sweatshirt, your sibling will initially think that you've joined Team Atomic until you show them your Trainer Card, which has a special note from Kellyn stating that they're just clothes that you obtained through helping them arrest some members of the evil organization. They'll want to battle either way, clothes or not. Once you've beat them, they'll want to join you for a while. Going through the Labyrinth together, you will both fight in wild encounters, but only you will do single trainer battles (in double battles, both of you will battle.) Same thing for Route 15. There is a rest house at the beginning of the route, but it isn't necessary right now because Zander/Emily/Berkeley will keep your party healed. However, you WILL get ambushed by pirates right before Silverport Town. Raze them down before continuing.

Silverport Town has Professor Spruce, who can tutor Egg Moves onto a Pokemon for a reasonable price: 5000 Pokedollars for a move, like the Pokemon Dentist in Snowbank Town. Other than that, there's the Hidden Power lady, but not much else. Head to Route 16 and Lanthanite Cave to continue onto Snowbank Town, battling mechanics stay the same. Upon reaching Snowbank Town, you can head over to a house and obtain Rare Candies for your party to prepare for the Five Trials with your sibling. There is also Route 21 to the north, but right now it's closed because it's a seasonal route and only safe to traverse during the summer. Route 21 leads to the peak of Mt. Lanthanite. There are no settlements up there, but there is a monastery, which will be important in the post-game.

Just then, just as you're about to start it, your friend comes running up. The acolytes decide that they'll have to wait, and you and your sibling will run through it first. First come first served, I suppose. The trials are the same as in Uranium, but will vary slightly in layout. You'll fight Varyern at the end, but instead of 6 Pokemon, he has 12?! Well, good thing that your friend came along too, so you'll get to engage him in a TRIPLE BATTLE! Go take the portal to the entrance first to prepare, then once you're ready talk to either of your rivals to start. He can Mega Evolve his Fafninter (yes, it can do that.) AND his Ampharos. Ampharos will come in as the sixth Pokemon, while his Fafninter will come as the twelfth Pokemon. Good thing it's a 16 on 12 battle, assuming that you have a full party of 6. After that, he'll give you all Mega Rings and Mega Stones of your choosing, along with the Apex Badge. You can choose which Pokemon you want to get a Mega Stone for if it's compatible, while your rivals will get Mega Stones for their starters. What's next? A battle of course! You and your rivals challenge each other, Battle Royale style (Gen VII, Alola.) Multi-target moves hit all opposing Pokemon. It doesn't matter if you win or not. From there, you part ways. If you head back down to Silverport Town, you'll get ambushed by pirates (again) on the way back down the non-snowy part of Route 16. Fighting them in a Double Battle should be easy. From the dock, the sailor mentioned earlier can take you back to Venisi City. The opera house is now open, and ready for a Gym Battle. You can freely do it now, and get tricked again by False Leader Iago. Defeating Rosalind will earn you the Drama Badge, and she has six Pokemon and a Mega Dramsama.

Gym 8 and Gym 9

Going to Tsukinami Village? You'll need HM08 Dive. Angelure Town is off Route 14 at the end of Route 17, but you won't be able to go there now due to Route 17 being a Tubareel breeding ground for the next few weeks. Professor Acacia will fly over on her Dunseraph and update your Pokedex to accomodate new entries, while giving you HM08 too. Now you can access Route 14. It's much like it was before. One diver will give you TM96 Coral Break, so you can obtain shards for the Move Tutors in Tsukinami Village. In Tsukinami, you can go to the EV Training house with the six ninja, who will give you one of the Macho Set after you train with them enough. Speak to their grandfather once you have obtained all six to get the Macho Brace. The other market vendors are still here, as is the museum. The puzzle for the gym is still the same, although there are now four instead of three and more ninjas to battle. Hinata and Kaito will engage you one after the other without interruption, with both having four Pokemon and one Mega Evolution inclusive each. Defeating them earns you the Zen Badge.

You need two more badges to enter the League, though, so take Route 18 to the south to get to Voltin City. It's a half land/sea route, and once you make landfall and get to Voltin, upon returning the sailor will be there if you need to get back to Venisi. The grass on Route 18 hides Pokemon with levels upwards of 50, so be wary. Voltin City is a high-tech city not unlike Mauville in the Hoenn region, in which it is basically a giant shopping mall mixed with residential areas. You can buy various rare items here, as well as legendary-related items (Royal Jelly, special hold items for Lanthan/Actan, etc.)

Conglomerate Town is a post-game town that you can access after you beat the Championship through a special express train running from Voltin City. Otherwise, the gym is quite intriguing, as it has a spinning tile puzzle. And everybody loves spinning tile puzzles. *spins so much he vomits* Blake is waiting at the end for a battle. He uses Electric-type Pokemon, and has 6 Pokemon along with a Mega Evolution (Mega Yatagaryu.) Defeating him earns you the Power Badge. In this gym, the gym leader isn't that difficult, it's the puzzle and trainers that are. Still, watch out, as his average team level is 60-63.

Gym 10 and Team Atomic Third Encounter

You've made it this far. But where's the tenth gym? Turns out it's back in West Tandor. Luckily, your friend meets up with you after you exit the gym, and gives you HM03 Fly. He doesn't want a battle, though. The tenth gym can be accessed through either Route 19 or the subway, although the subway line is still under construction and is more of an above-ground spiraling track running circles around Mt. Actinite. It's in Stratoheight Town, a town on the north slope of Mt. Actinite, shielded from possible eruptions due to the shape of Mt. Actinite. Route 19 is a path that extends to the west of Legen Town and continues up the east slope of Mt. Actinite, a narrow path zig-zagging left and right with increasing incline each time. In the middle, a path through the mountain has been charted in the form of Actinite Cave. An extension of Route 19 also goes to the Championship Site, although it's under construction. Three-fourths of the way up and behind the Championship Site, Stratoheight Town is dug into the volcano's slope horizontally, with the gym on an extension jutting out the side. It's a tough way up, being quite difficult to traverse due to the many powerful trainers and relatively unregulated patches of grass has given it the nickname "Victory Road II", not to mention sometimes dust from the top is whipped down in the form of an environment sandstorm hazard.

Stratoheight Town is sparsely populated like Snowbank Town, the main purpose of it being a center to conduct research on the geological activities of Mt. Actinite and the environment around it. It also functions as a weather center, due to its height. Still, there are several houses, a large research center, and the gym which is jutting out off the cliff on a man-made balcony. It's also cold here, which is why this town has lots of heat lamps and the like. The exterior of the Pokemon Center and the Mart are also both uniquely designed.

The Stratoheight Gym is a Flying-type Gym. Have fun with Electruxo here. It has a unique system of puzzles, and once you complete one you can skip it completely: First, a maze and two trainers to battle, one at the beginning and one at the end. On the second level, there is a Crossy Road-style minigame where your character has to be careful not to fall into the gaps below or get hit by the Splendifowl flying across on the paths. There are two trainers, one at the beginning and one at the end. The last level has a series of moving fans that cause players to get jostled around, while they try to plot a straight path on top of a series of tubes. There is only one trainer at the end. The fourth level houses the gym leader, Aaeri. She's no pushover, with six Pokemon at levels 62-66 and a Mega Evolution, Mega Pajay. Defeating her earns you the Wing Badge. There, you've got ten badges! Time for Victory Road!

As soon as you step out of the gym, you meet up with your sibling and friend, who happened to arrive one after another. Realizing you have ten badges now, they'll want to have a battle each, once you're ready of course. They both have six Pokemon at levels 58-63, with a Mega Evolution starter coming last. They'll heal you in between battles. Once you've defeated both, Professor Acacia will fly over on her Dunseraph and give you info on where you will go next. Or where you would go next, were it not that a Tandor Ranger runs over from the research station and tells your group that Team Atomic has attacked Route 11! They need powerful trainers to help, and you and your friends are just who they need. A Ranger force has gathered at Vinoville Town just outside the Route 8 gate, and another force has blocked off the Route 9 gate. You'll be joining the Route 8 gate, so get prepared and stock up, then speak to the Ranger once you're ready to fly over to Vinoville.

At the Route 8 gate, a group of Rangers are waiting, along with Kellyn. He says that he's given Theo command of the Route 9 group, and the plan is to use a pincer attack to box in Team Atomic. They're spreading into Legen Town, though, so they'll have to act quick. Then, Acacia suggests that maybe you could run ahead and disguise yourself as a Grunt, and spy on their actions and then report back. Your rivals are both opposed to this idea initially, but Kellyn replies that it's the best option they have, since Team Atomic doesn't know that the Rangers are on the scene. As a result, you change into the hat and sweatshirt and run onto Route 8, where a cutscene plays and you find Two Team Atomic Grunts coming through the Route 11 gate. Since you look like one of them, they ignore you and try to go through the Route 8 gate, where after what sounds like a quick battle, Rangers come out of the Route 8 gate with the Grunts in handcuffs. Kellyn suggests you tell Grunts to expand northward to chase them right into the Rangers' hands, with your rivals helping out if they attempt to fight back.

On Route 11, there are loads of Grunts. Some are trying to catch Pokemon to irradiate them, while others are just loitering and just doing nothing. Talking to each of them will cause them to stop what they're doing and run to the Route 11 gate, where they'll get captured. To add an element of life, each time you cause a Grunt to run northward, checking back at the gate will show that they are in the Rangers' custody. Finally, just before the Legen Town Gate, you find Team Atomic Admin Electra doing battle with the Route 9 group of Rangers, flanked by four Grunts. She notices you, and thinking that you're another Grunt, yells you to come over and help her with these "goodie-goodie 'heroes'". Instead, you pull off the sweatshirt and hat, and seeing as you're just a kid (yeah right, I'm 17 now) she attempts to battle you. Being a year older and six inches taller gives you the intimidation factor. She's no pushover though, with five Pokemon at levels 65-70. Her last Pokemon is a Mega Evolution, Nuclear Baariette and is at level 70. Be careful and use a fast Pokemon to hit the Nuclears before they can hit you. She also has a Nucleon, but half of the time it's going to try to Choice Scarf Last Resort or Half-Life.

After the battle, she tries to punch you in the face and make an escape, but you knee her in the stomach instead and cause her to double over, giving the chance for three Rangers to rush over and cuff her. Book em', Danno! The other Grunts are captured as well, and the other group comes down from the north to congratulate you. Just then, as soon as everyone thinks it's over, someone uses Quantum Leap and jumps right in the middle in front of you! It's Team Atomic's leader, Neutrin. He's got BETA URANYE next to him?! Kellyn is both surprised and infuriated at the same time, expressing confusion at the fact that he thought Urayne went to travel the world with his child, yet it is here working alongside a villainous team. Neutrin explains that they used the Project U092 blueprints that they stole from Cameron Stormbringer shortly after his retirement from Interpol to recreate Urayne and use it as a mindless machine to corrupt as many Pokemon as is possible. All the Rangers call on the local wild Pokemon and try to stop it, but Neutrin commands Urayne to use Irradiate, causing all the Rangers' Pokemon to transform into their Nuclear Forms and ally with Neutrin, who uses Quantum Leap again to escape, but not before saying some evil scientist mocking cliche.

Team Atomic Base Infiltration & Takedown

Back at the Bealbeach City Ranger Headquarters, while many Team Atomic Grunts and one admin have been captured, none of them are willing to divulge the information on the whereabouts of the main base of operations. Theo then remembers that Cameron said that Quantum Leap could be traced, so Kellyn sets his Rangers to work tracking the residual radiation left behind. Less than five minutes after Kellyn gives his order, one of the Rangers returns, saying that their base is at Power Plant Omnicron.

Suddenly, two Team Atomic Grunts walk into the room with Theo in front of them. Kellyn attempts to arrest them on the spot, but Theo explains that one of the Grunts in Team Atomic was actually a double agent for the Rangers (specifically for Theo, remember that he's a Ranger too now), and he was among the ones captured. Said double agent walks into the room now in his Ranger garb, and says he was able to obtain two extra Grunt uniforms for your rivals. Since they're about the age of the other Grunts, Kellyn suggests that they try the infiltration tactic again now that they have three people that can spy. Theo brings up the problem that Neutrin supposedly already knows that you were disguised because you were there, but Kellyn remembers you were out of the disguise by the time Neutrin arrived. Your rival and sibling (who have changed out of the uniforms by now) state that they're willing to go along with the plan as well, and since all three of you have 10 badges (they got their last badge between the encounter with Neutrin and meeting back at the Headquaters), you're well prepared. Stock up on healing items before you continue.

A boat is prepared, and since you know how to drive one, you take off from Venisi City and drive it over to Power Plant Omnicron's dock. Entering the Power Plant, you find that nothing seems to be amiss, except for a scientist in the west corridor who is acting strangely. When you all change into your disguises around the corner, he sees that you're Grunts, revealing that he's a Grunt as well and lets you into the secret base. Once you're in, there are Grunts everywhere. Just then, the guard asks for your idenfication cards, and your cover is blown. The three of you ditch the disguises and put the clothes into your bags as you try to escape, but it's too late: The door closes behind you, and you're trapped in Team Atomic's base. The intruder alarm goes off, and you all realize there's only one way to go: In.

There is one corridor going up with three Grunts, and your rivals each take one, leaving you to take the last one. From there, the corridor splits into three. One of your rivals takes far left, you take the right, and your other rival takes the center path. There are items here and there, and a puzzle to solve at the end. In between though, are 4 Grunts. Battle them to get through. On solving the end Strength puzzle, you'll end up in a hallway where you meet up with your rivals again. There are fifteen Grunts in this hallway, although while most will battle you, several aren't keen to battle. One is sleeping, and upon interacting with him you will end up leaving him alone. There are doors to the left and right leading into various living quarters, storage rooms, kitchens, a mess hall, labs, and other assorted rooms. At the far end of the hallway, there are three doors. The left one has a Big Nugget and a Master Ball! The center one is locked. The right one is one of the Admins' quarters (or both, since there are two beds. Barging in, you'll find Proteus at his computer. Seeing the three of you, he wants a rematch against just you. Battle time! He has five Pokemon, one changed aroundfrom the battle in Moki Town, but has a MEGA NUCLEON. There are Mega Evolutions for Eeveelutions this time around, Nucleon included. Beating him will cause him to hunch over in defeat and give you the key card for the center door.

The Rangers then radio you, saying that they've captured the guard, but can't get the front door open quite yet. It's going to be a while before they can back you up, so it's suggested you continue ahead without them. You can unlock the center door now, so go ahead and interact with it to open it. Behind the door is a hallway that splits into two and rejoins into one behind a square-shaped wall. The alarms apparently didn't reach this area because of a technical fault, so the three of you take the chance to change back into your disguises. Your sibling runs into the left hallway and runs into a room, then comes back out again saying that you two should check this out. Upon entering the room, you find it's filled with captured Pokemon. Not all of them are corrupted into their Nuclear forms just yet, but the ones on the right have been. Among them are nuclear versions of the Tandor starters. Kellyn radios you back and asks what you have found, and upon hearing that you found the room holding the captured Pokemon, he replies that a new technique involving Hazma can cure the corruption and return the Pokemon to normal (non-Nuclear form, as opposed to just their feral behavior), but it will take time. He also states that he and his Rangers have evacuated the legitimate scientists and captured the malevolent ones, and are still working on the door.

In a cutscene following this one, you go across the hall to the right hallway, where there is a weird-looking machine. On one side of it is a normal Owten in a cage, on the other end is a Nuclear Tonemy that's oddly calm. You decide to try and take off your disguise, and as a result, the Tonemy starts bonking against its cage, trying to attack you. Putting the disguise back on makes it calm again. At the end of the next hallway, a cutscene will play where you peek around the corner and see Neutrin conducting an experiement on Urayne, turning it into its Delta Forme.

Delta Forme Urayne is between the size of Gamma and Beta, with the shoulder pads folded out slightly, and its hand slightly larger. It has a double orbital around its head, with each having one atom. Its hover rings are 3 count and a light green, while it now has four cyan eyes on its face with a fanged mouth. Neutrin babbles something about how magnificent this form is, then he notices the three of you and invites you forward to "admire" his creation. You'll then be contacted by Kellyn at the wrong time. Neutrin takes notice and querys why a Grunt would have a Ranger communications device. Uh-oh. Your cover blown, you pack away your disguises. Neutrin, caught by surprise, calls for backup. A pack of Grunts comes from the hallway, four in total (the other guy is still asleep.)

Your rivals decide to take care of the Grunts, and it's up to you to beat Neutrin. He has 6 Pokemon at level 68-72, plus a Mega Nuclear Pajay and Delta Urayne. Delta Urayne has a base stat total of 728, and starts out with Beta Urayne knowing the move Irradiate for it to change Forme at level 90, like Rayquaza knowing Dragon Ascent for it to Mega Evolve. Upon defeating him (while your rivals have taken care of the Grunts), he uses the machine to power up Urayne one more time, but it turns out the "mindless" monster isn't so mindless after all. It turns on Neutrin and knocks him out with Mega Punch before returning to its Alpha Forme, where it wishes to join you at level 50. Kellyn and the Rangers rush in and everyone realizes that Urayne didn't turn out to be just a tool; it kept its sentience a secret. It then absorbs a great deal of energy from its surroundings, and the Pokemon the Rangers freed from the other room are also cured of their Nuclear Form. Neutrin is taken in by the Rangers, as are the other Grunts and Proteus.

Back at the Ranger HQ in Bealbeach, you use Urayne to purify the remaining freed Pokemon, along with those of the Grunts. You and your rivals are made official Tandor Rangers, and you now have Ranger uniforms that you can change into at any time. Awesome! Now that's over, guess what's next? Oh, before that, make sure to do a lot of EXP training with the EV ninjas in Tsukinami. You'll need it.

Victory Road & Tandor Championship

Victory Road is different this time around. For one thing, there's a lot more trainers. It's also significantly lengthened to increase the challenge, while the volcano Strength puzzle remains the same. There is a healing stop in the middle of Victory Road, right as you exit the first cave system. Trainers on Victory Road have party levels of 61-70, while wild encounters are at levels 49-56 in the caves and 43-49 outside in grass patches. It is also known as Route 20, as Victory Road is just a given name.

In the Tandor Championship, it's a bit different. It follows the same format as Uranium, although you don't fight Gym Leaders this time. For the first two rounds, the game randomly selects 2 trainers from a pool of 32 pre-generated trainers. All trainers in the first and second rounds have team levels of 75. In the third round, you'll be battling one of sixteen randomly selected trainers with a Mega Evolution, and in the fourth round, you'll be fighting either Theo, your sibling, or your friend. Either way, the level of Pokemon here will be 78. Note that the randomly selected trainers have set teams with set movesets and held items/abilities, and most don't follow a specific type or theme. Fourth round trainers will also have a Mega Evolution. Theo has the starter that's the same as yours, by the way. The final round is the Championship round, of course! The level here is 81, and you'll be facing off against your friend or sibling, depending on if you fought them in the fourth round or not. If you fought Theo, then it's one of the two. Remember that their starter has a type advantage against yours if it's your sibling, and vice versa if it's your friend. It's a climatic 6 on 6 battle, and the winner is crowned Champion (it should be you, of course) and taken to the Hall of Fame.

Post-Game Overview

Okay. From here, there's still loads to do left. Catching legendaries, finding Garlikid, the Gold Fossil, and collecting the other fossil you didn't pick up are all things that can be done in the post-game, and more. New towns are now accessible, too. Sidequests will be shown in-depth in a future post.

Angelure Town, accessible through Route 14 and 17 east of Venisi City, is home to pirates (still) and you can get the sea monster trio by completing a very lengthy sidequest. Conglomerate Town, accessible from Voltin City by the monorail express or Route 22 (which is short and has some things of interest) has the Battle Frontier beyond it. That's right, Tandor has a Battle Frontier now! It works similar to the Kanto and Hoenn Battle Frontiers, but has a Tandorian twist to it. The Power Plant Xi complex can be found off Route 22, which is not a Nuclear Plant, but a hydroelectric plant with a dam with a mansion on the side belonging to the Battle Leader. There, you'll be able to battle other people on the various levels of the mansion, Battle Chateau/Mansion style.

Catching Garlikid is easy. First, go to Snowbank Town and go to Route 21, which can now be accessed because it's the safe season. At the peak of Mt. Lanthanite, you'll find the Lanthanite Monastery, where the Acolytes of the Dragon spend their days doing whatever they do. Some will give you late-game competitive items. Here, you'll be able to find a wild Garlikid in a hidden grotto. Battle it and catch it.

Getting Actan and Lanthan are easy, they're in the same exact spots than before. You'll be running alone and not against Elite Trainers. Speaking of which, there are more of them than before and you can find them all over Tandor with HM07 Waterfall. Note that they will be each holding a Claw of Lanthan/Actan, which is an item that allows them to enter their Rare Metalization process. It's like Primal Reversion, and Metalized Actan/Lanthan have base stat totals of 710. You can perform Rare Metallization as many times as you need per battle.

Aotius and Mutios are only available through a soon-to-be revealed method, while Zephy will be through Mystery Gift. You CAN obtain the Punk Twins, though. It's still through the semi-random PC event. The memory game is the same, while the area is a bit different. You can only get one because the encounter is a Double Battle, so trade for the other.

Beliaddon, Yatagaryu, and Laissure now have Mega Evolutions. Getting their Mega Stones is anything but easy, though. Beliaddon's Mega Stone is obtained through beating the Championship five times. Laissure's Mega Stone can be found in the Labyrith, but you'll have to solve a series of Strength puzzles before getting to it. Get Yatagaryu's Mega Stone from a ninja in Tsukinami Village after getting a Yatagaryu and beating the Championship twice. To get a Volchik, someone in Voltin City will give you one at level 5.