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TechSkylander1518 TechSkylander1518 31 December 2016

Random Pokemon Template

Here's a new template I've been working on! It will randomly display one of 88 Pokemon (all the Pokemon that have art in their infobox at the moment) along with a link to their pages. I'm considering adding it to the front page, but I have a few questions:

Should the template be restructured to have a better display of the images? The black background brings out outlines in some of Twitch's artwork, and I feel a bit awkward about not having anything around the picture.

Does this template seem appealing? I think it can be a good way to give people something that catches their eye, but I'm not quite sure of that-it doesn't help that a lot of the Pokemon included are canon Pokemon, since we have art for all of them.

Does the template seem like i…

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TechSkylander1518 TechSkylander1518 24 November 2016

FEAR Method

Bulbapedia article on FEAR Method

This is a fun little strategy I haven't seen brought up much in Uranium discussions. (likely because people usually already know how to deal with it, but still, it's pretty fun to watch level 100s fall at a little early Pokémon)

Cottonee and Whimsicott can do it using Prankster and Nature Power, and Chyinmunk and Kinetmunk are also capable. Given the big amount of priority moves in Uranium, I'm sure there's a lot of possibilities. (especially with Sudden Strike-takes care of Ghost-types while still being able to hit Normal-types!) Anyone know any others?

(also, on the subject, is this worth making an article for, or should we just leave it like this? I know most strategies don't merit an article, but this is …

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TechSkylander1518 TechSkylander1518 13 November 2016

Deciding a New Admin

(wasn't sure whether a blog post or the Edit page would be seen more, and I think everyone should be aware of this discussion)

We're not in any big rush, but I thought it could be nice for us to have a more active admin. All that's really needed for the job is 1) be willing and able and 2) make sure people are okay with it, and both shouldn't be that hard to fill. I put up a section on the Edits page if anyone's up for talking about there!

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TechSkylander1518 TechSkylander1518 11 November 2016


Wizkit is an adorable Fakemon Twitch made on her Wordpress blog. A lot of Fakemon Twitch posted on the blog made their way into Uranium, and even though Wizkit didn't, it has almost all the details to be ready for it, so I figured I'd make a little "wiki page" for it.

All details listed came from this post. The art used came from here.

  • 1 Wizkit
  • 2 Pokédex entries
  • 3 Base stats
  • 4 Type effectiveness
  • 5 Moves
    • 5.1 By leveling up
    • 5.2 By TM/HM
    • 5.3 By breeding
  • 6 Evolution
  • 7 Sprites

Wizkit is a dual-type / Pokémon.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

Wizkit is not included in Pokémon Uranium.

(skipped the biology section because I wasn't up for all that writing-I can't even do it for actual pages!)

Note: Wizkit uses Gen 6's TM list, so it doesn't quite ma…

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TechSkylander1518 TechSkylander1518 30 October 2016

Some Neat Fan-Made Megas!

Please note: None of these images are mine. The artists are credited with the images, along with links to where their original post can be found.

Additionally, if any of the artists aren't okay with me posting their work here, please let me know and I will take your images down as best I can!

I dunno about anyone else, but I tend to feel like it's easier to get involved on a smaller community like the wiki than it is on the bigger social sites like the subreddit and Discord channel. Those are more made for conversation, so a lot more happens there, and it seems like that makes it both easy to get lost with things getting pushed back easily. (could very easily just be me, though)

Anyways, I just told that to explain why I'm sharing these-I thi…

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