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I don't want to be bringing this up continually whenever I edit anything relating to tutor moves, so I'm just writing my thoughts here.

I really appreciate all that the new devs are doing for the game, but I think it was a terrible idea to remove all the other tutors in the region. As Androziel says here, it's supposedly to make it both easier for players to have them all in one place, as well as cut down on scripted events in the game. If the Ultimate Move Tutor was free or took money, I would agree that it's more convenient, but shards are hard to find. I much prefer flying to different tutors to spend a little money or nothing at all to repeatedly breaking coral in hopes of a chance to get shards. (I'm sure this can be easily fixed by adding the option to buy shards somewhere, though-The Bealbeach Department Store's rarity shop could easily hold them, and they could even put them in on an unused weekend day)

This action also seems just tailored to the current community that's already beaten the game, and not to any newcomers. It might be useful to someone now to have every move that's in one place, but new players have to wait longer to get moves that could help them. (I know Blast Burn helped me out a few times in battles with Theo before Tsukinami Village, and Ice Fang could be a huge help at the Snowbank Gym)

There's also not really any kind of replacement to the tutors story-wise: Nowtoch City just holds an empty house, Venesi City has an empty upper floor, and Snowbank Town holds a nurse that works for a non-existent boss.

And I don't know much about programming games, so someone's going to have to help me out here-Exactly what are the benefits of cutting down on scripted events?