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Shortly after beating the Vinoville Gym, you will be forced to leave Vinoville. After this, you cannot return to Vinoville or Route 8 until you have beat the game. Take care of all other business here first.

Vinoville Town
"A Nostalgic Paradise"
Interior of Vinoville Town.
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Vinoville Town Gym - West Tandor Gym #4
Sheldon vs
specialist Gym
Pixel Badge
Pixel Badge
Vinoville Town Gym - West Tandor Gym #4
specialist Gym
Pixel Badge
Pixel Badge
Vinoville Town Gym - West Tandor Gym #4
specialist Gym
Pixel Badge
Pixel Badge
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Elite Four
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Connecting locations
Vinoville Town
Route 8
Vinoville Town Map
Location of Vinoville Town in West Tandor.

Vinoville Town is a lively farming town surrounded with coniferous trees and lush fields. It's best known for its bread and wine. People often visit to enjoy the temperate climate and indulge in fresh delicious food. The Church of Tandor in the West welcomes all visitors of faith. Vinoville Lake's gentle river divides the town, and much like the fields, the river has abundant Pokémon. Mmm, fried Magikarp.

Places of Interest

Vinoville Town Gym

Vinoville Town Gym Exterior

Main Article: Vinoville Town Gym

You'll find the Vinoville Town Gym, led by Sheldon, in the northwest corner of Vinoville Town.

Despite living in rural Vinoville Town, Gym Leader Sheldon loves technology and specializes in Steel-type Pokémon. He installed a series of platforms connected by a hidden pathway, which is only revealed through enabling a series of pulsating lights.

After you have earned the Pixel Badge and exited the Vinoville Gym, a female ranger will approach you. She'll suggest for you talk to Theo, who is waiting south near the river bridge.

Note: If you talk to Theo, you'll be automatically transported to Legen Town afterwards. You cannot return to Vinoville or Route 8 until beating the game. Be prepared.

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Talk to Theo, who will confess he failed at the local gym, worried sick about his MIA dad, and will break down in frustration. In the distance, a loud rumble is heard, the sky goes dark, and a eerie green cloud tasting of metal looms over the town. A ranger will arrive, declaring an emergency and evacuation orders for the town. She'll use her own Pokémon to fly Theo and the player to safety. During the evacuation, a raging inferno bellows in the distance, smoke blocking the horizon, and the red glow of the flames contrasts the usually lush forest. Theo is left in disbelief at another meltdown. You'll arrive in Legen Town.

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Nuclear power plant II explosion scene

"Get these orphans away from the chemical fire!" ~Dr.Tran

Church of Tandor

Vinoville Interior Church

A quaint and rustic building near the Pokémon Center. Inside several faithful people give their thanks and prayers to their deities. A priest gives weekly sermons. Speak to the priest and accept his offer to listen to his sermon. Once he's finished, he will reward you with a Rare Candy.

Hello, young child! I see that spark in your eye. you are curious, no? Faith is not an oft-expressed element of Tandorian life. Nevertheless, most Tandorians worship their own ways. Shall I tell you the legends of Tandor?

Very well. We Tandorians do not believe in a single deity, such as the Thousand-armed Creator of Sinnoh. Rather, we believe that the universe began with nothing. From that nothing came two other beings. White and black, positive and negative, past and future, wind and water, fire and lightning, push and pull. Across the world, they are called many things. Here in Tandor, our names for them are Aotius and Mutios. They take many Aspects. Some, human. Others, Pokémon. Together, they raised Pokémon of Metal, Lanthan and Actan. And unto the humans of Tandor, they gave five Orders.

  1. Make no violence unto thy enemies and they will not make violence unto you.
  2. Harm not the Pokémon of Tandor and they will not harm you.
  3. Cultivate the Land to rich yield.
  4. Desire is the pathway to ruin.
  5. Bring knowledge to those that seek it.

So they have commanded, so we shall live by it. The bond between humankind and Aotius and Mutios is like that between Pokémon and trainers: Like Pokémon, we listen, we obey, we protect.

Also note the bookcases inside containing lengthy (and occasionally contradictory) information about the various faiths, gods, and legends.

Left Bookcase (2 Books)

River Legend of East Tandor
In East Tandor, there lies a giant chasm in the sea. Sometimes, when sailing on the sea at night, you can see lights shining from deep from deep under the water. This is the Legendary Pokémon Baitatao.

Some say it tries to lure unsuspecting swimmers under the water, where it steals their eyesight. Others say it wants to light the way so travelers may have a safe journey. Baitatao's heat is what keeps the sea warm, so that life can flourish within. It is wise to avoid places where the water glows at night.

The Three Pokémon of Metal
When the world was born, newly sculpted by Arceus' Thousand Arms, there was no metal. Then Groudon, Lord of the Earth and Day, cleaved the earth with a mighty claw, but the metal beneath was flimsy bronze. He dug down deep into the lava at the core, and there he lay three eggs.

The first to hatch was the brother of Fire, Heatran. He created the many common ores: iron, gold, silver, titanium. From the lava floes on Stark Mountain came all these rich and valuable metals for humans to use.

The second to hatch was Lanthan. A Pokémon of Earth, Lanthan took the rare and elusive ores without any names, and fixed them deep underground. It created the Lanthanite Mountain of East Tandor and went to sleep inside.

The last to hatch was Actan. A Pokémon of Shadow, Actan took the scarcest and most powerful ores that burn and hum with dangerous energy, and emerged from Actanite Mountain to teach the humans of their use. Thus do we have power not stolen from Pokémon or fueled by fire but drawn from the limitless source of metal itself.

And Actan saw that the humans had learned, and returned to its slumber.

Right Bookcase (2 Books)

Recurrent Beliefs Across the World
In my travels across many regions, I have observed similar belief systems across various cultures. The most remarkable similarity is between Unovan and Tandorian beliefs. Although the distance between these two regions is vast, their religious views have much in common.

Unovans believe in two celestial beings, black and white, which are manifest as the legendary Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom, who they claim to be creators of all... Faith is not as prevalent in Unova as it is in Tandor.

Tandorians, too, have dual beings, which they name Aotius and Mutios. However, these beings are more than mere Legendary Pokémon. They are portrayed as immortal, bodiless beings, capable of taking Aspects, both human and Pokémon.

Interestingly, many religious experts of Tandor consider Reshiram and Zekrom to be Aspects of Aotius and Mutious. The rest of this book will serve to analyze this symbolism, and blah blah blah...

..It's a very long book. Interesting, but you don't have time to read it all.

Creation of All Things
At the beginning, there was nothing. A crack appeared in the Universe, and from it came a white fog and a black liquid. They expanded to fill every empty space and formed the fabric of the universe. Each was the other's opposite. They craved contact but could never touch, or else risked annihilation.

Out of their explosive conflict came all matter. The planets, the moon, and all the stars in the sky. And through their overwhelming love they created life.

His breath fills our lungs. Her blood fills our veins. By their vast powers, our world was born.

Poké Mart

Vinoville Town Poké Mart
Bag Poké Ball Sprite Poké Ball
Bag Great Ball Sprite Great Ball
Bag Super Potion Sprite Super Potion
Bag Potion Sprite Potion
Bag Antidote Sprite Antidote
Bag Paralyze Heal Sprite Paralyze Heal
Bag Repel Sprite Repel
Bag Super Repel Sprite Super Repel
Bag Full Heal Sprite Full Heal


Pokémon Location Levels Rate
Icon027 Magikarp
Bag Old Rod Sprite Fishing
Old Rod
5-10 100%
Icon027 Magikarp
Bag Good Rod Sprite Fishing
Good Rod
10,12,15 100%
Icon027 Magikarp
Bag Super Rod Sprite Fishing
Super Rod
? 100%


Item Location
Bag TM32 Double Team Sprite TM32 Double Team Farmer in house North of PokéMart
Vinoville Interior TM double team
Bag Sitrus Berries Sprite Sitrus Berries Woman in House West of Berry Field
Vinoville Interior Berry basket
Bag TM82 Sleep Talk Sprite TM82 Sleep Talk Left of House West of Berry Field
Bag Coconut Milk Sprite Coconut Milk South of Pokémon Center
Bag Rare Candy Sprite Rare Candy Pathway in Berry Field
Bag Cupu Berry Sprite Cupu Berry Received from hiding girl North of PokéMart
Bag Acai Berry Sprite Acai Berry Received from seeking boy South of Berry Field
Bag Rare Candy Sprite Rare Candy Pastor in Vinoville Church


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Vinoville Town Bug

Sneaky sneak into farm fields

Next to the Coconut Milk item is a gap in the fence. Click here for more info on known bugs.

Ohno Bugs Have you seen all the bugs in Tandor? Give me a call if you find any new ones!

Duplicate Double Team TM, if missed back on Ferry Click here for more info on known bugs.


  • The legends were slightly altered in previous versions. For example, Heatran was referred to as a Pokémon of Heat, and the ocean Baitatao resided in was a river.
  • Vinoville Town's slogan was previously "All are welcome! Unless you hate farms or something"
  • Contradictory to the teachings of Recurrent Beliefs Across the World, Reshiram and Zekrom were not believed to have created the world, but to have been created during a war in the Unova region.

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